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Published on June 2nd, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


Introducing Producer Mike Crook

Mike Crook– he is a major LA producer that works with a ton of artists such as Doja Cat and Blueface. Mike Crook has produced songs such as “Bleed it” and “Daddy” by Blueface along with “Like That” by Doja Cat and “What I Want” as well as “Gametime” By $tupid Young and so much more. The young lion’s sonics are a driving force behind some of the nicest hits jumping at us on the airwaves right now and we wanted to get to know more about the rising producer.

The Hype Magazine got Mike Crook to weigh in on a few things!

From the outside looking in, what makes the producer Mike Crook stand out?

I feel like what makes me stand out musically is that I’m very diverse with my sound. No beat really sounds the same, If Doja Cat needs a beat I can make one for her, If G-Eazy needs a beat I can make something for him and so on. I try to be as diverse as possible. I look up to the producer Hit-Boy a lot and his sound is so diverse. Hit-boy has stuff with Beyonce all the way to YG. Thats the type of producer I’m practicing to be. 

Also, what makes me stand out as a person is that I’m not one of these producers that will flex a big chain, or rock expensive clothes all the time, I don’t even own any jewelry.  If you follow me on social media, you would know I constantly encourage all the younger up and coming producers that follow me, to save your money, invest it the right way, don’t get a check and buy the Gucci. I encourage them to save their earned money, and once you invest, spend your passive income on all the extra things. I feel like a lot of producers really don’t push that, everything is a flex for Instagram.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

My junior year in high school which was 2013, my family was referred to this medium ( which is someone who can communicate with the dead) and in 2011 my dad had passed away. 2 years later we went to a medium and during our session, she was explaining to me that my dad was telling her that I should stop playing quarterback, and pursue something with a keyboard and headphones. It was weird to me because the medium had no idea I even played football, let alone the position I played. For some reason, she was so right about other topics in my life that only I knew about, there was no way I couldn’t trust her word. So after football season, I downloaded the software, and just watched youtube videos and practiced everyday, all day for 6 years until it finally popped off. Mind you, I was so bad at one point I returned the equipment for about a year, but something told me to get it again, and keep trying.

Do you make tracks with a specific artist in mind or just create and go?

I usually just create and go. If I think too hard about who and what I should make, I get beat block, and just get stuck on ideas.

Do you prefer being in the room with the artist as they work to your tracks or are you ok with the digital age recording style?

I like to make by beats alone so I don’t feel rushed, artists are so impatient, and I really care about the craft, so when I’m alone I feel no pressure and I can just create without feeling rushed.

What’s most fun for you about creating music?

Whats most fun for me, is just hearing people I’m actually a fan of on my beat. As a producer theres no better feeling than that. At least for me. I love hearing the final product and when it gets released, seeing their fans reactions.

Congrats on your success with Doja and Blueface, two totally different styles…were there any particular challenges in working with the different styles?

To be honest, I’ve always made all kind of beats, Blueface was just the artist I worked with that popped of first, and they introduced me to a lot of new people. I feel like since everyone found out about me through him, they boxed me into a certain sound that I could only make west coast beats. But a lot of my newer songs are diverse, no beat sounds the same. The new music I have coming in the summer ranges from the club, all the way to emotional songs that will make you cry over a ex haha.

If you could produce an artist from the “Golden Era” of music who would you choose?

Tupac and Eazy-E hands down.

What about that artist draws you in the most?

What draws me, is their voice and beat selection. If they sound different than what I’ve heard, that usually draws me to them. We are in an era where majority of the music out right now kind of sounds the same. So what draws me is when I hear something I feel that gives me a breath of fresh air.

How does a new artist get to work with you?

Honestly, I’m not one of these producers that act like they don’t see any of their messages on social media. I look at them and read them all, so if they reach out I usually check their page to see if their even as serious as I am about this, and if I’m a fan first, then we can work.

Any guidance for prospective producers as regards the business side of the music business?

Dont let the business side of it take your love away from it. Theres a lot of things that happen, that can have you feeling down, or over it. Just remember what got you doing this in the first place.

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