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Is the Mobile Gaming Market Growing for Slot Games In 2020?

The world of slots has had an outrageously thrilling ride since the late 1800s, where a Californian engineer called Charles D. Fey ended up creating the Liberty Bell machine, widely known as the world’s first commercially viable slot machine. That wasn’t much more than a century ago, however these days slots have risen to become the de facto No. 1 gambling game in the world.

Now, slot machines were incredibly popular throughout the 20th century, there is no arguing that, however it was only after the emergence of online slots in the early 2000s that they reached quite the status that they have today. Mobile gaming was also something that intensified their popularity, something that is still growing today. Read ahead to find out whether the mobile gaming market is growing for free spin games in 2020. 

The initial beginnings of the online slot market 

The first steps towards online slots were actually made during the 1980s, where slot engineers first created the RNG – Random Number Generator – resulting in the emergence of video slots. The invention of video slots also meant that online slots were definitely possible, however it would take a few more years for these to come to fruition. 

It wasn’t until the early 2000s that the first online slots such as Temple Of Isis by Eyecon started popping up, and this was due to the evermore-advanced nature of the Internet. By the mid 2000s online slots were here to stay, and after things like The Gambling Act 2004 in the UK they were set to embark on a wild ride. 

Mobile gaming: The new kid on the block 

Anyone that was alive during the 2000s will remember it as being a period where developments in mobile phone technology were coming thick and fast, something that naturally resulted in slot developers looking at the mobile gaming sphere with excited anticipation. 

In fact, by the late 2000s mobile slots were starting to pop up, however the technology still wasn’t readily available for everybody to be able to enjoy these games quite as they were intended. It really wouldn’t be long until this was the case though… 

Technological advances that made mobile gaming possible 

There were a couple of major developments that ended up making the mobile gaming sphere as popular as it is today, and the first bit is rather technical. Software engineers were ecstatic when something called HTML5 technology was first introduced, as it meant that they could program their slots specifically for mobile devices.  

Additionally, the emergence of smartphones such as the iPhone meant that for the first time the majority of the public had an adequate device on which to play mobile slots. 

Is the mobile gaming market growing for slot games in 2020? 

The mobile gaming market is undoubtedly growing for slot games in 2020, as more and more people choose to do their reel spinning on their mobile smartphones rather than computers.


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