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Published on June 23rd, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Ivan Thomas Prepares You for Takeoff with Powerful New Book “Defy Gravity”

Over the last 15 years, Ivan Thomas, CEO of Intrigue Media Group, has compiled quite an impressive resume through his work with some of the biggest brands in business, entertainment, social justice and education. His roster of past and present clients includes Nielsen, Xerox, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, rapper/actor Waka Flocka Flame, NBA baller Michael Beasley, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Celebrity Credit Guru James Hunt, actor Darrin Henson, rapper Supa Peach and many more.

Now, the Atlanta-based serial entrepreneur and celebrity publicist has added another check to his list of achievements, releasing his new book  “Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within,” available now on

Defy Gravity is a highly motivational book that offers the perfect dose of wisdom, raw truth and strategy to readers seeking to overcome adversity, rise above mediocrity, get paid and elevate towards a life of abundant personal and professional success. Complainers and excuse makers are not safe in this book – but should visit its pages fully expecting to take a close look in the mirror, cast away bad habits and begin to adopt a mindset equipped for greatness.

Defy Gravity acknowledges that in this life, we all have challenges, adversity and disappointments that, if we allow them, will keep us from our destinies,” Thomas said. “On the other hand, each one of us has a gift and a purpose, but too often our excuses and victim mentality hold us back. We want to blame others, or our circumstances, for why we can’t do something instead of looking at ourselves. Therefore, I want to help people to get out of their own way by reclaiming their power, taking action, embracing their life process and being encouraged to relentlessly pursue their goals. The next big music artist, entrepreneur or doctor could be you.”

Thomas, who grew up in the Chicago area, built his company Intrigue Media Group from the ground up with hardly any money to his name. Now, he works alongside many of Hollywood’s brightest stars and some of the top rising entrepreneurs and leaders. The high-flying mogul also owns a fitness brand, a new credit repair company and has a passion for elevating others and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“We have a responsibility to put our best foot forward, especially given the current climate in this country,” he said. “I want to help everyone I can to do just that. Don’t settle for less. Don’t be average; that’s boring and no one remembers that. Push for greatness, demand that your voice is heard and strive to leave a powerful legacy behind for your family and those to follow. My book provides a great deal of insight on how to do that.”

Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within is available at For more information about Ivan Thomas and Intrigue Media Group, visit You can also follow him on Instagram at @ivanth3great.

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