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Published on June 24th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


Killer Mike Joins Big Freedia to Discuss Altering the 13th Amendment, LGBTQIA+ Issues within the Black Community, and More on this Week’s “Butt Dial” – Spotify’s New Phone Call-Based Podcast

Check out the latest release from Spotify’s Butt Dial podcast. The series invents new ways for fans to intimately connect with their favorite artists. Each episode provides exclusive access to the deep corners of artists’ minds in the current climate through candid, late-night discussions and isolation epiphanies in a phone call format. This week’s episode features Atlanta activist and rapper Killer Mike of musical duo Run the Jewels and Bounce music artist hailing from New Orleans, Big Freedia.

In this week’s episode entitled “Black Trans Lives Matter,” the two outspoken artists dive into the challenges that pervade today’s heightened conversations around racial equality and LGBTQIA+ rights. The duo chat through the pressing need to change the 13th Amendment, the black trans community combatting multiple layers of oppression and still showing up to fight, and gun ownership among the black community (a timely topic on the heels of Big Freedia’s recently announced documentary, “Freedia Got a Gun”). Big Freedia shares her thoughts on the key to true unity and peace while Killer Mike shares what it was like to be a young father raising his son in the south.


You can check out the episode video teaser
HERE. Link to cover art HERE.


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