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Meet Rising R&B Stylist SINGLTN

The Back Story – With a dynamic voice, unstoppable drive, and expansive ambition, singer, songwriter, and RB4 Entertainment founder SINGLTN brings timeless soul, sheer talent, and boss acumen to 21 st century R&B. After working with everyone from Beyoncé to Josh Groban, he makes his debut in 2020 by delivering a style of his own motivated by an unfiltered personal vision. At five-years-old, SINGLTN delivered his first solo in church and recognized the potential of his talent. Raised by a military dad, he leveraged a diehard sense of self-discipline in his pursuit of music, spending countless hours practicing and performing wherever and whenever he could. Inspired by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, John Legend, the gospel singer Daryl Coley, and more, he quietly honed his vocals in high school and studied voice at Savannah State University. Relocating to New York, he cut his teeth on corporate gigs before eventually serving as a background vocalist for the likes of Alicia Keys, John Mayer, and Jennifer Hudson. He notably backed Josh Groban everywhere from Good Morning America to late night television. Beyoncé selected him as a performer, and he would be among the Pharaohs who carried her across the stage on the Ladies First Tour.

The Hype Magazine got Singltn to weigh in on a few things!

From the outside looking in, tell us about SINGLTN the artist

SINGLTN is the new guy who is bringing back classic r&b and soul and just that good feel music in general. But more than that I am an artist that is also CEO and Founder of the  Rb4 entertainment, the label putting out my music.To be able to create, write and own my music masters has been an ultimate goal and I have accomplished that.   A lot of my music is based on my respect for women because I had nothing but strong women in my life.  I am inspired by my mother who had me as a teen, and my grandmother who always filled in when mom needed that break. I also had aunts around who never said no to a weekend sleepover. These women motivated and encourage me along the way including my sister.

What drew you to music as your means of expression?

I come from family that sings and as a young child I grew up in the church singing.  After church we would have talent night at one of my aunts homes or whoever hosted it that weekend.  We had a huge family of 16 aunts and uncles along with my cousins so it was never a dull moment. All of those special moments drew me closer to music, and gave me that love and confidence that contributed to my strong drive that I still have today.

What do you get from music?

From music I get relaxation soulful expression and a great stress relieving and also great motivation. But here are a 4 things below that I get when I hear a song for the 1st time.

I get “MTEM” let me explain what that is:

  • MELODY: Is what I hear right away that catches my interest
  • TONE: I hear the beauty of the voice
  • EXCITEMENT: I hear the special moments of the song
  • MUSIC :the total movement of everything ringing in my ears comes back

Tell us about your current project and what it means for you

My project is 5-song love story, with video accompaniment.  Every track on the EP takes you on a journey of finding, and chasing that one person to love for a lifetime. When you hear the entire sonic EP along with watching the visual video, which weaves together as a short (mini-movie),  everything comes full circle. My sound is soulful pop with a universal sound that I believe will speak to everyone.  I’m Executive producer and co-writer on every song on this EP album project. We had fun in the  studio coming up with song concepts. I was involved in every creative aspect of this project from creating my own music video treatments, and producing my music videos.

Tell us a bit about your imprint RB4 Entertainment and why it is so important for you as a creative

Well in the beginning of my career I got locked into a few bad deal situations that held me up for a few years, and it taught me a good lesson about independence.   I have always said to myself that if I got a chance to do music again that I wanted to do it on my terms through my own team and company. So the right time came and I started RB4 Entertainment. This my musical imprint to get it right this time around, and to bring good music to the world. This has always been my vision of what I wanted for myself.  This platform is important to me because it as allowed me to be in control, and to let me sing and write the kind of music that I want to perform. It was important to me to create a project without having a lot of noise in the room. Meaning there was not a lot of people telling me what to do and say, so we wrote and created this project from scratch with raw feelings from the heart and from personal experiences. RB4 entertainment has finally given me a platform for my voice to be heard. It has given me the power to create, control while owning the music that was created.

What about the business portion of the music business most surprised you?

What surprised me the most about the business side is just that, It’s all business. When you are an artist and doing it yourself the business side takes you away from singing, and all of that fun performing for stuff for a while. Now with Covid-19 it’s been all business, but it’s working and I’m excited still because I’m trending every week, and the single is doing well on radio and on Spotify Apple Music, and I know it all because of good business and my strong team.

What’s on the slate for you for the rest of 2020?

Well I will be releasing my EP this year and my full album soon after. I’m planning on touring once that becomes available again. I will also be releasing a short film of my work as well so I’m excited about that. I have a few other surprises in the works, but I can’t speak of those as of now…..

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Instagram @singletonrb3 and on twitter @singltnofficial, and on my website

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