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Published on June 30th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


New Social Media App ‘LOOP’ Designed to End Police Brutality & Fight Crime

LOOP, the new community policing app of the future, is available now.

LOOP features a geographic mapping tool that allows you to post about suspicious activity in progress (unlawful policing, riots, theft, etc.). LOOPs analysis of neighborhood activity identifies “hot spots” to alert of major crimes within that specific area. The app also lets users receive friend requests, send private messages, access live feeds, and view crime reports and statistics via public records.

LOOP was developed by Edward Thornton after he witnessed firsthand civic unrest in Ferguson, MO following the death of Michael Brown – an 18-year-old Black man who was fatally shot by a police officer. Thornton is the owner of Innovations firm, Street Genius, founded in St. Louis Missouri. He strives to bridge the gap between people and technology, by developing tools to make life easier. More info:

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