Terry Ellis Drops New Single "Angry Black Woman"

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Published on June 19th, 2020 | by MuzikScribe


New Terry Ellis (En Vogue) Single “Angry Black Woman”

Terry Ellis Drops New Single “Angry Black Woman”

Terry Ellis (En Vogue) is Angry, and her new single “Angry Black Woman“, an outpouring of rage and grief over incidents both current and historical, proves it. The song opens with an impassioned quote from Angela Davis about systemic racism in America, and continues to express the pent up rage, grief, and frustration Black people throughout our country feel everyday.

Terry explains it best, “The song, “Angry Black Woman“, was born from an outpouring of emotions felt regarding the continued police brutality towards black people…my people. I wanted to give a voice to the hurt, pain, frustration and anger that I myself and so many of us are feeling right now. Whether we realize it or not, the cause of inhumane treatment will always create an imbalanced effect and unrest for all of us, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. We must have justice or there will be no peace.“

It is not a mistake this song is being released on Juneteenth, a holiday that has evolved into a celebration of the end of slavery. We should all celebrate freedom, and at the same time we should all feel grief, frustration, and anger towards the injustices that have plagued Black Americas for hundreds of years. Terry Ellis’ “Angry Black Woman” perfectly translates those emotions into words.

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