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NyuKyung – “Trap Harmonix” (Album)

“Trap Harmonix” is NyuKyung’s official debut album as a full time artist and the introduction to his signature sound, dubbed as “harmonic trap”. Since partnering up with Vancouver’s super producer Lomax, NyuKyung has completely revamped his style and image. NyuKyung takes a familiar sound and combines it with his own set of harmonies and fast flows to develop a truly unique sound.

“Trap Harmonix” allows the listener to get a deeper look into NyuKyung’s life and his troubled past which is evident in songs like “Sealed it” and “Away From Me” which features the heartfelt and powerful vocals by SipTee, a young up and coming prodigy out of Jackson, Mississippi. In the album, Nyukyung also shows off his fun and light hearted side on songs like “Big” and “Fade Away” which display his confidence and boastful personality. Known for his versatility, NyuKyung has never been afraid to venture into different genres which he shows in “What it Was” featuring the soulful vocals of multi-talented artist and friend, Masetti. Every song on the album was produced in house and mixed by Lomax and after countless hours spent together in the studio, “Trap Harmonix” was created.

Check out “Trap Harmonix” below and on all other available streaming platforms.


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