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Published on June 22nd, 2020 | by Guest Editor


UK artist Kaci Brookz talks musical development, lockdown and his debut EP ‘Prospekt’

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‘Prospekt’ EP is the much-anticipated debut EP from Kaci Brookz, the up-and-coming independent RnB/HipHop artist from South West London.

Kaci started following passion for music in 2018, releasing 3 singles prior with his last single Steppin reaching over 100k streams on Spotify. This was the justification to begin creating his latest project Prospekt EP.

Prospekt gave Kaci the chance to express some of his feelings about growing up today and he reflected on this when talking about the feature track, ’50fifty’.

“Of all the tracks on the EP, I put the most time into ’50fifty’… It took time to get the beat right, but once that happened, the lyrics flowed so nicely, I knew that this was going to be my favourite. It tells my story of brotherhood and life as a teenager in this generation. The fact that it is not easy at all. It feels like everybody has underlying intentions and it’s hard to know who to love and who to trust. That’s why it’s essential to keep your real ones by your side regardless, that’s the overall message behind this song and why it resonates so strongly with me.” – Kaci

From the fast-paced rap of ‘Aquaman’ all the way to the smooth RnB of ‘Hometime’, the 6 tracks also gave Kaci and opportunity to highlight his versatility, blending genres in his unique style to make songs that will appeal to a wide range of fans.

At 16 years-old, Kaci knows he is still developing, but he sees this as a positive and ‘Prospekt’ is another stepping-stone on his musical journey.

“I’m working myself out, testing things out, finding out what I can really do. I’m really pushing myself to become the best artist I can be and I’m in no rush. I think the fact that I started this journey at such a young age can only be beneficial for me in the long run. I’ve got time to perfect my craft and grow…literally lol.

Lockdown has given me time to create new music, I’ve got a lot of songs in the bank now, loads of different styles and they will be released when the time is right. The next stage is all about development and hard-work.” – Kaci

Prospekt is out now on all digital music platforms.

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