Published on July 14th, 2020 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


20-Year-Old Chicago Rapper is Launching a Tech Startup Focused on Dreaming

Vell Le Villian is an emerging Westside of Chicago artist- he coined his genre “R&B Drill” inserting melodic harmonies into drill style production of Prod.Ra and other young producers within his immediate circle.

His most recent release LIVEVIL details growing up on the Westside and living a nightmare of a childhood. These traumatic experience have often left Vell sleepless from vivid nightmares, searching for ways to cope and move forward into adulthood.

Vell began experimenting with lucid dreaming- a practice that allows people to control the narrative of their dreams- Vell found this useful to convert his nightmares into a more pleasant dream which has resulted in better sleep and decreased depression.

When Vell began researching Lucid Dreaming practices he found there was plenty of textbooks on the subject but there are no useful phone applications that assist the process. Vell’s began expressing interest in creating an app to his manager Adam Sarkis- who helped launch a fintech startup last year to help influencers sell merchandise via their Instagram bio.

They’re putting their resources together and began fundraising to build their dream app platform “IZZZM

They’re plan is to rap into minority creatives and have the platform built in Midwest to help grow the emerging tech community in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Stream and listen to below and connected with Vell here.


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