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Published on July 9th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Alt-Rocker Zachary Kibbee Releases 3 Songs to Bandcamp

Los Angeles based alt-rocker, Zachary Kibbee, dropped two new captivating bluesy garage rock-influenced singles “Somewhere To Put My Gold” and “Come Back” exclusively on Bandcamp. The songs are from his upcoming album Life In Low Fidelity, due out July 31st.  In addition, Kibbee released an emotionally soothing bonus track, “Stay With You” featuring fellow Los Angeles artist and NBC’s The Voice  contestant, Jessica Childress. 

The split opens with “Somewhere To Put My Gold,” which Kibbee co-wrote with Frank Palazzolo and Eric McNeely (who also produced the song). The co-writers wanted to encompass Kibbee’s “swagger” on the track, ultimately creating an exhilarating rock song. “Frank said he really liked my swagger and had a lyric that he thought would fit my style, ‘somewhere to put my gold,’’ explains Kibbee.  “Naturally, I loved the idea so we ran with that concept, swagger and gold.” The track boasts a roar of energetic guitars that are accompanied by boisterous drums giving it a modern Led Zeppelin vibe. Produced by Joseph Holiday, the second track “Come Back,” is about the coming and going in relationships, both romantic and friendships, and how they tend to fade even when you don’t want them to. The song features polished vibrations of guitar, reminiscent of The Black Keys. The bonus to the split, “Stay With You,” is an elegant soulful ballad written alongside Jessica Childress (The Voice) and Dan Schechter (Dan & Drum). It is a captivating song about being there for one another and features soothing piano played by Greg Scott (Songland). 

Alternative rocker Zachary Kibbee has toured the world several times over and has shared stages with the likes of Social Distortion, CKY, and Eagles of Death Metal. Modern rock elements fused with captivating and intoxicating sounds are what make Zachary Kibbee special. His album Life In Low Fidelity, in which “Somewhere To Put My Gold” and “Come Back” appear, is scheduled to be released July 31, you can pre-order it now. Visit Zachary Kibbee on his website and on Instagram.

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