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Published on July 9th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


ANIMÁL Paves Their Own Lane in Debut Album ‘Flight’

Hailing from Brooklyn, live-electronic band ANIMÁL paved their own lane in electronic music when they couldn’t find it on their own. The two-piece ensemble is made up of multi-instrumentalists Jack Murphy and Brady Perrigo. The pair met in high school in Wisconsin and quickly became collaborators long before their move to NYC. Now, with the help of their co-producer pluko, Murphy and Perrigo have unveiled their debut album Flight.

Originally set for release in June, ANIMÁL postponed the 12-track LP to shift their focus into the Black Lives Matter Movement. Enthusiastic protesters and advocates for the revolution, they donated their accumulated streaming royalties from their single “A Place In The Sun” to the movement. Righteous innovators and dexterous creators, each track on the album is a journey through electric strings and fluorescent dance music.

A series of 12 diverse tracks each steeped in individuality, Flight goes deep into the synth-rock world with tracks like “AudioAudio” and “Mirrors” but finds its balance with the shimmering resonance of tracks like “Flight” and “A Place In The Sun.” As their musical pendulum swings between two diverging genres, Flight comes to fruition as a single outline of beauty. As NYC continues phasing out its plans to reopen the city, music lovers from all backgrounds are looking forward to seeing the formidable duo live on stage.

“This album was our way of introducing ANIMÁL to the world by telling a 12-track story front to back.  We wanted to give electronic and alt-rock listeners the best of both worlds — something you can dance to and rock out to at the same time. Hopefully, this scratches that itch for a lot of people.”

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