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Published on July 28th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Anthony Lazaro Releases New EP and “A Thousand Little Fires” Remix

International indie artist Anthony Lazaro has released his new five song EP, Basement Love. Lazaro’s EP brings hope to a socially distanced world, through inspirational lyrics and a captivating voice. You’ll definitely want to add a few of these tracks to your playlists!

Basement Love is a collection of songs about love and want for adventure during the struggles society is coping with today. Lazaro’s calming voice and relaxed instrumentals invite lightheartedness during a dark time. “This is a musical serenade to the social distancing world,” explains Lazaro. “It’s to all those who have to stay separated, the distant lovers, the Zooming flirts, the kisses sent through microphones and monitors; to all those who are looking forward to jumping on the first plane and start traveling again; to the romantic lovers who rediscover the coziness of the four walls and build their own love bunker inside; to the dreamers who are already planning flights to South America or Asia that sound like a mission to the moon.”

The closing track is a remixed version of a popular Lazaro song, “A Thousand Little Fires,” co-produced and remixed by Definitely Dean. The remix is a highlight of Basement Love. The uptempo, funky beat meshes beautifully with Lazaro’s tender lyrics of admiration toward a lover. “Where did you hide babe / I’ve been dreaming of those eyes / The best part of my life.” “Cause when we make love babe / The world don’t make a sound / The clock won’t turn around,” Lazaro passionately sings on the final track from his EP. Keep up with all things Anthony Lazaro on his website at AnthonyLazaro.com. Listen to the new EP below: 

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