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Published on July 8th, 2020 | by Bianca Nilsson


Aussie Indie-Pop Star Releases “I’m Not Sober”

Jaxn Faw is a 19 year old indie-pop artist from Adelaide, South Australia. The Jaxn Faw project started in January 2020, so far this young artist has launched like a rocket ship  accumulating over 100,000 streams across Spotify all independently, the future is bright for this artist. 

Jaxn Faw is a multi-talented lyricist, vocalist, producer and engineer. “You can put any instrument in-front of me and I’ll be able to play it, I’m thankful for that” 

I’m Not Sober is about how I met my girlfriend, it was on the night of my 19th birthday. The song takes the listener back in time. The verses of the song play a role of the day after I woke up, wanting to text my now girlfriend. The chorus’ play the role of the night I met her. At the time I was feeling lost and had completely given up on love, I went out no intention of meeting anyone, it just happened”

This reminded me of a quote that is often said in reference to finding love “It happens when you least expect it” 

When I hear Jaxn Faws music I can see him on stage with pop artists like Lauv, LANY, Boy In Space and Jeremy Zucker. It’s amazing to see what this superstar has accomplished in the first 6 months of Jaxn Faw. With no promotion Jaxn Faw has been able to land on Spotify editorials like “New Music Friday, Australia & New Zealand” & “Chill Af” This is such a huge accomplishment that a lot of artists DREAM of. Massive success is just around the corner for this indie-pop star.

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