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Published on July 1st, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Black Empowerment Thru Music, a New Initiative, is Launched by The Royalty Network

The Royalty Network, one of the country’s most esteemed independent music publishing companies representing over 700,000 compositions, today launched the Black Empowerment Thru Music initiative, a new program focused on empowering Black communities by connecting emerging musicians, producers and songwriters with leaders across all aspects of the music industry.

The Royalty Network is pledging to undertake a multi-faceted and proactive effort to help aspiring young black artists, songwriters, and entrepreneurs, establish successful careers in the music industry, and is inviting professional and established musicians, artists, attorneys, songwriters and others to do the same. The activities range from free Los Angeles studio time to financial support for designated organizations, matching grants, donation of instruments to schools, mentoring and much more.

“We, at the Royalty Network, hope to create a sustainable program to empower future generations of musicians and business leaders, while fostering inclusivity throughout the music industry and communities around the world,” said Frank Liwall, president of The Royalty Network. “For more than 26 years, we’ve held an unwavering commitment to racial equality and are ready to do our part to turn words – and music – into action. Together we can provide a leveled playing field for the Black community.”

Industry leaders have stepped up to serve on the Black Empowerment Thru Music Advisory Council. They include artists stic & M-1 (dead prez), producer Darien Bankhead (Boyband), entrepreneur and music executive Laze Elliott, renowned entertainment attorney Kendall Minter, Harmony Program founder & executive director Anne Fitzgibbon, and others.

“Black people’s contributions have long been exploited for the benefit and success of the music business, but yet we often are the least and the last to benefit in the music business,” said stic of dead prez. “It’s important that The Royalty Network’s Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative not only recognize this important truth but also do its part to address and impact the inequities that still exist.”

“As a community organizer and artivist, I am happy to be included on the Advisory Council for The Royalty Network Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative,” added Mutulu “M-1” Olugbala of dead prez. “It is important to me that we use this platform to take practical steps that are also impactful.  I intend to facilitate change by connecting emerging Black artists with songwriters and producers who can help them find their inner strength and calm and ultimately a clear and resonant voice for our community.”

The Royalty Network pledge includes:

  1. Establishing new relationships with, and continuing to support organizations that provide Black students with free music education
  2. Donating musical instruments to schools and music programs serving underprivileged communities
  3. Providing webinars, as well as one-on-one mentorship and access to industry veterans for students and aspiring professionals entering the music industry
  4. Dedicating time each month for Black student artists to have free recording studio access at The Royalty Network’s Burbank studio
  5. Designate a quarterly “match” period, matching dollar for dollar the overall monetary contributions of its clients and contribute to a designated program in need
  6. Prioritize Black student candidates for paid internships
  7. Actively recruit qualified Black candidates for full-time positions

“To make the changes we’d like to see in the world, we simply have to act on them ourselves,” said Darien Bankhead (Boyband). “Frank and The Royalty Network recognize the equality issues for the Black community and I’m happy to aid them in their efforts in extending opportunities to us. It’s important that we stay active in efforts to assure that traits such as race don’t continue hindering Black artists’ success.”

Civil rights and legal advocacy groups benefiting from The Royalty Network generosity include Black Lives Matter, the Mass Defense Fund of the National Lawyers Guild and the NAACP Empowerment Program.

Additionally, The Royalty Network will continue to support programs including After School Rocks, Harmony Program, and others through donations, scholarships and volunteering time to work hands-on with students.

“Frank Liwall is the very definition of integrity. I’m confident that, like everything Frank sets out to do, this Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative will succeed and be a model for empowering the music community to build a world free of racial inequality,” said Daniel Powers, Founder, After School Rocks. “Frank and I both know that the secret of living is giving, and I’m honored to join with The Royalty Network in building awareness and supporting Frank’s efforts to work for lasting change.”

For more information about the Black Empowerment Thru Music initiative and to volunteer, please visit

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