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Five Questions With the UK’s El’Vee

El’Vee is made up of twin sisters Lilian and Vivian, and they are primarily based in the UK but periodically visit Nigeria. The duo just dropped their new single Money which is directed at the ease with which it comes and goes and it’s importance as an equalizer. Money’ is an Afrocentric, mid-tempo highlife tune. It’s a high-energy, modern Afrobeats track that combines traditional African rhythms with electronic elements. This video highlights the necessity of ‘money’ as a commodity and how the lack of it to build the necessary infrastructures to permeate growth and change, can lead to not just an impoverished society but to a nation characterized by people who are unable to fulfill their true potential.”

We got El’Vee to weigh in on a few things

Tell us about your current project! 

Our current project titled ‘Money’ is a project that we are very passionate about, as it tells a story of hope and perseverance and the injustice that is poverty.

Do you feel your current project is the best introduction to you as an artist?
We believe that as artists we are better than the last song we recorded and we are better than our last project because we are constantly evolving. Having said that, this project is a great introduction to the year for us, as it shows a glimpse of our versatility as artists, and we are excited for more to come.

What is the music landscape in your neck of the woods?
The music landscape in our area is very diverse and it reflects the people who live in this area. However Afrobeats as a genre isn’t as widely listened to and we don’t know that many afrobeats artists, so we hope that our music bridges the gap.

What’s on your horizon for 2020?
Despite the unprecedented start of the year, we are optimistic as we plan and look forward to more releases as the year goes on.

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?! Or “WTF?!” moment thus far in your career?
It’ll definitely be when we were told before a performance that our dancers weren’t allowed on stage with us by the production manager. That was a definite WTF moment, luckily we eventually had our dancers perform with us and we had a great performance!



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