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Published on July 3rd, 2020 | by Rive


Flight Attendant Drops New Visuals for “Man of Chaos”

Created during the 2020 Coronavirus quarantine, Nikki Christie of the psychedelic space rock band Flight Attendant had the idea to piece videos together into a chaotic collage of moods to fit “Man of Chaos.” With Nikki’s direction each band member twisted the lights in their houses, splashed mud on their faces, and made showers into fog machines.

“Man of Chaos” is pulsating with powerful, electric energy that propels the listener into a trance-like state. In their devilish new single, Nashville space rock band Flight Attendant, blends heavy rock, pop and light synth textures with provocative lyrics.

Produced by Grammy winner Charles Yingling, the band’s new music brings together influences from Kings of Leon to Vivaldi. Flight Attendant’s hypnotic performances have excited audiences at festivals and venues in Music City.

Psychedelic space rock band, Flight Attendant, belongs to that unique breed of bands made in Nashville. It takes nothing less than a sonic unicorn to stand out in this town. And that’s exactly what the 5 piece band is: a fascinating ovni. “I think you could find some of our future tracks on ISS Radio in the year 2050” says frontwoman, Karalyne Winegarner of the band’s sound. Blending heavy rock and grunge with pop hooks and light synth textures, they fearlessly bring together influences that span from Kings of Leon to Vivaldi and Lana Del Rey. And with their ecstatic live performances and hypnotic melodies, they have already established themselves as a local fans’ favorite ready for the national stage. “Nashville, TN itself has proved to be our greatest inspirational incubator. It has a certain air of influence and style that has really weeded itself into this project.” proclaims Winegarner.

Flight Attendant’s “Man of Chaos” video was created during quarantine by the band shooting themselves on iPhones, with the final product assembled by the band’s viola player, Nikki Christie. Pulsating with powerful, electric energy, the upcoming single “Man of Chaos” was produced by Grammy Winning Charlies Yingling at the Blueroom Studios in Nashville. It is a robust,anthemic track that propels the listener into a trance-like state and serves as a fitting teaser of what’sto come. The 5 piece band (Karalyne Winegarner – vocals, piano, guitar, Vinny Maniscalco – lead guitar, Nikki Christie –viola, Derek Sprague -drums, and Mike Cottrell -bass) played The Basement East’s Tomato Arts Festival main stage to over 5,000 attendees and played to sold out crowds at Nashville’s local clubs. The band is currently hard at work creating their debut album with Yingling to be released this year by Moraine Music Group with Membran, Flight Attendant is ready for takeoff.


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