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Published on July 17th, 2020 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


International Artist Faustbatal’s Journey from Growing Up in a Working-Class Family to Becoming a Leading Name in Hip-Hop

From the novice mid-80s to the buzzing new decade of the 20s, hip hop and rap have evolved phenomenally and found new meaning with the youth of today. The music industry worldwide has only become more welcoming to different styles of modern music and instrumental elegance with time. Kevin Rehman, aka Faustbatal, is a renowned songwriter and artist who started from humble beginnings to become a leading name in hip hop. 

A star is born

Growing up in a working-class family in the Gundeldingendistrict, Basel, Kevin ventured out of school in his 9th year. He dared to take the road less taken. Knowing he wasn’t cut out for an ordinary job, he made up his mind to set up his own business that involved finding trade opportunities for medical cannabis. Kevin headed out to open the first medical cannabis shop in Switzerland. He knew that his true calling lay in music and so Faustbatal worked tirelessly to hone his skills as a songwriter and artist.

From delivering ecstatic opening performances at shows of several great artists in his early twenties to becoming one of the most-streamed rappers in Switzerland, Faustbatal has emerged as a promising music star. Over time, idolizing stars such as N.W.A., Mobb Deep, and Biggie Smalls, he was confident he could produce distinguished rap music himself. 

Making a mark with Spotify

 In 2019, Faustbatal became popular with publications on the online streaming service Spotify. He released his latest song “Enemies,” with a guest feature by Albanian hip hop star, S4MM. This video garnered massive appreciation and millions of views on various music platforms. Another one of his songs, “Scheinen” was immensely well-received by his fans.

With Albanian roots, Swiss rapper and songwriter, Faustbatalbegan to explore his love for music early on when he was 16. One of his initial collaborations with famous German rapper EkoFresh fuelled his natural inclination towards creating stellar records. Faustbatal was propelled to fame in the hip hop scene at Basel. However, Faustbatal had to make tough choices as a kid before he decided on his passion for music.

The future looks exciting for Faustbatal as he continues to create compelling music. He is determined to pursue his interest in music and collaborate with many international platforms in the coming months.

Stream and listen to Faustbatal below and stay connected here.


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