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Published on July 31st, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Jacob Frish’s “Stranger” Is No Stranger to Reflective Pop

Jacob Frish is back better than ever with his latest single ‘Stranger’. This is the second single he released this year and it’s unlike his previous work. Frish takes a more mainstream pop sound as opposed to his previous pop single, “Quarter Past 9”, which clearly had country influences. His vocals are rawer and his lyrics soar in truth, pushing his song in a more credible direction.
The track starts with a simple electric guitar rhythm before providing a backdrop to Frish’s vocals. The guitar rhythm remains underneath his tender voice throughout the build-up to the chorus, and then the song unleashes full pop.



Jacob reveals of the new single “I consider “Stranger” my breakout into writing honest music. It’s hard to be vulnerable with yourself; but when you do, you can put a face on your demons and you can beat them. I brought this concept into the studio to face the difficult period of marriage my wife and I were experiencing. As hard as this song was to write, it allowed us to face the thing that haunted us the most. I want everyone who listens to know being emotionally vulnerable is okay and good or bad your feelings are valuable. Because in this socially distant world we are constantly longing for one thing, deep emotional connection and understanding.”

The driving beat and bass kicks in and you just can’t help but bop along with the track. Frish is a master when it comes down to singing and songwriting and ‘Stranger’ is no exception. The brief background interjections by the electronic synth become bolder as he sings such poised lyrics “now you’re just a stranger in my bed I used to hold”. With alluring lyrics talking about the sense of post-breakup unfamiliarity, Frish connects his personal experience to his music creating something that any fan can appreciate.
‘Stranger’ touches on the emotions and strange feelings that everyone goes through at the end of a relationship and with lyrics “what is it about you that seems so familiar”, “used to be my anchor and now you’re just a stranger in my bed” and “just a memory in my head”, everyone can sing along and relate to it. The reflective tone continues through to the bridge where the beat drops out and we are left with airy sound effects leaving the listener to take in the realism before he erupts one final time singing the powerful chorus with even more passion. His voice slowly begins to raise and he places emphasis on keywords highlighting his honesty and raw emotion.


A perfect add to all of our favorite Pop playlist, Frish is definitely an artist to keep a look out for as he continues to break his way into the scene.


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