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Published on July 9th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


KISA Releases Heartfelt And Vulnerable Music Video ‘Hurting’

Twenty-one-year-old artist, KISA, has always been a great storyteller, but in this music video she shows off her creative juices by creating the visuals by herself and being vulnerable, which isn’t always the easiest.

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The emotional rollercoaster in her single ‘Hurting’ was released back in May, but now the visuals set the tone for KISA’s future work.  The artist has been involved in every creative outlet possible, from dancing to filmmaking, which shows in the music video as she directs close-up shots that really show the artist trying to be anyone but herself as her depression sets in.

The L.A born artist has never been shy about talking of her mental health issues, but in this visual she has her childhood looming over her, which can either be KISA wanting simpler times or looking back on a time where she wasn’t dealing with anxiety.  The medium shots of KISA hiding her face from the world goes to show how good of a director she is as we get a glimpse of the darker side of KISA’s life.

The inner dialogue that she’s had her entire life about depression and anxiety have now come to life in this visual where the black and white theme helps the representation of mental health issues as it can be difficult for people to understand.

She was raised in a Russian-Ukrainian family, where she can speak Russian and English fluently, which has meant she has always had to adapt, but music and the creative journey is what helps KISA keep going.

KISA found her voice as a storyteller at a young age, and the younger generation can look to KISA as inspiration as someone who isn’t afraid to voice her opinions and concerns.

The young creative has created something beautiful, something that many people can relate to and something that will make any watchers want more.

You can watch the music video below:

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