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Published on July 31st, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Lowlight Expands with a New Electronically Ambient “Horsefoot Volume 2”

Hailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey, Lowlight, a female fronted indie rock band, takes a turn
towards a more explorative new-wave sound. Previously identified with a blend of Americana
and rock roots, Lowlight released “Horsefoot Volume 2”, an electronic ambient remix of their
song “Horsefoot”.

“Horsefoot Volume 2” is an excellent portrayal of wonderfully haunting guitar and eerie yet
imaginative sound effects. The pining guitar coupled with the echoed voices in the distant
sounds like a ghost hidden in the walls pounding to get out. Lead singer Renee Maskin’s vocals
seamlessly float above the haunting sound, setting an ambient almost eerie tone for the piece
to build off of.

The band shares of the track:

“Before Rey Rivera was coaxed into joining Lowlight several years ago, he had already been an established New Jersey DJ and producer for many years under the name Ari Why. We always spoke as a band about the potential of Rey remixing some Lowlight songs.  So when lockdown happened, we thought it was a good time to try that remotely. While Rey went about remixing Horsefoot, with the lyrics “I need room to move” taking on some very obvious extra connotations, our guitarist/engineer and keyboardist Derril and Dana Sellers were converting a recently purchased church into a music studio. After Rey delivered a very ominous initial remix, the rest of the band headed to the church to track some quirky and inventive overdubs in the new space.   It’s been a crazy year for the world and a crazy year for Lowlight.  Horsefoot Volume 2 is the result.”


Musically, Lowlight calls upon Fleetwood Mac influences and interprets their sound with a
modern and unique perspective. The songwriting is complex and rich by nature. While keeping
an ambiguous aspect to it, the lyrics effectively keep the listener interpreting the piece. The
electronic hushed percussion samples as the background to the echoed “I need room to
move” line creates a sense of claustrophobia. Lowlight effectively manages to capture the
feeling of being trapped under the floor or in a box.

Remixed during a global pandemic leaving everyone shuttered to their homes, the electronic
take of “Horsefoot Volume 2” captures the sense of claustrophobia we feel being stuck inside
and the anxiousness we have for it to end. This is an original and explorative composition that
carries a vulnerable presence which will undoubtedly stick with any listener.


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