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Published on July 23rd, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Mohamed Assani’s ‘Wayfinder’ Transcends Cultural and Musical Fusion

Pakistani sitarist Mohamed Assani returns with “Wayfinder”, his culturally diverse new album
that won’t fall short in capturing an international audience and gaining the listen from fans of
differing music styles.This Indian-Pakistani-electronic-fueled album is rooted in the idea of
freedom of spirit.

Titled after Poleynesian men who used the stars and signs from the ocean and sky to navigate
their way around unknown land, the first track ‘Awakening’ immediately transports you to this
unfamiliar place. The droning pedal tones and stirring sitar melodies against the rhythmic
background of electronic percussion creates a lifting atmosphere while building imagery
reminiscent of nature. The mesmerizing sound of dark arpeggiated synthesizers is met by the
relaxed sitar voice over the consistent thud of the bass beat.The sitar’s intricate sound
diversifies as the Middle Eastern sounding melodies begin to interweave with western

‘Black Sugar’ the third track doesn’t shy away from Assani’s ability to fuse different styles of
music. This track mixes deep R&B grooves with hip-hop beats. The desirable synth sounds, the
warping effect of the sitar, and drum beats aid the tension build up that is later released by a
bass drop guaranteed to capture the attention of any avid trap fan. ‘Black Sugar’ is followed by
‘Lullaby for Guli’, a stunning modern era sensual ballad. This entry sounds like a lullaby with its
string sounding orchestral arrangement that leaves the listener in a pensive state of mind.
Blending a classical sound with a rocky guitar feel allows ‘Lullaby for Guli’ to capture the
versatility of sound into one beautiful blend of many genres.

For a distinctively cutting-edge album, ‘Transit’ the final and most exploratory track summarizes
the influences of his album in one intricate 8 minutes and 22 seconds song, engulfed with
different styles and racing tempos that makes one imagine the feeling of racing through the
wonders of a newly founded forest.

‘Wayfinder’ successfully fuses contemporary music styles with influences from the sounds of
foreign cultures. Mohamed Assani uses his sitar to take us on a journey through the unknown
by connecting unsought musical worlds in an album that leads us into a futuristic musical fusion
of sound. Just listen and let yourself embark on this stunning journey of rediscovery.





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