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Published on July 20th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Pook Hustle drops double single ‘Purple: Grass is Always Greener’

Pook Hustle’s newest offering comes in the form of a knock-out double single, wrapped up into ‘Purple: Grass is Always Greener’. Made up of the tracks ‘Sickwitit’ and ‘Budapest’, the tracks feature spacey beats and a shout out to Trump and Joe Biden. Budapest is the stand out single, with its airy synth hook proving to be a strong takeaway.

Discussing the release, Pook Hustle explains:

Purple: Grass is Always Greener is about me coming to terms with my duality. Whether I’m in a relationship or single, I find myself looking at the grass on the other side. Because of that, sometimes I can forget love and become stoic, like in SickWitIt. Other times I find myself floating into a dreamy world with a partner, as in Budapest. Prior to music, I played basketball in college while pursuing education. Every now and then I ponder “What if my career as an athlete worked out? Should I go back to school?” The grass always seems greener, but I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I mention purple in the title because this serves as a bridge between my debut Blue Tape EP & my forthcoming sophomore project Red Tape EP. It’s the balance of Blue’s stimulation and Red’s calm. This project embodies me embracing my darkness and my more romantic side coming to the realisation that the two traits can exist within one person.”

When Pook traded the basketball court for a recording studio, he found a new way of channeling his experiences of life as a Black man in the US into captivating energy. This Brooklyn born hip-hop prodigy does not refrain from injecting themes of politics, self-reflection and race into his music. Pook’s authentic lyrics are delivered with agile, nuanced vocals and smooth, chill-hop leaning productions. Although his career as an athlete didn’t go as planned, he’s uncovered an even greater destiny in the music industry, as his versatile and valiant sound is indicative of infinite potential. 


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