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Published on July 3rd, 2020 | by Rive


Robbie Z Releases New Visuals for “Jewels Money Honey” Featuring Matty Storm

“Jewels Money Honey came very unexpected to me. I didn’t think of the concept myself actually! My good friend Matty Storm asked me about a demo I had recorded a few years ago and was wondering if I’d be doing anything with that song. I said no, because I had scrapped it and I offered him to exchange songs, because he really wanted it, so he played me some of his old demos. When I heard Jewels Money Honey which at the time was very different, I immediately knew there was something in that song, it wasn’t polished or done very well, but there was something! I immediately agreed to do the exchange! I took two lines of his verse and put it into the chorus, then I wrote my verse and finished the chorus. I felt like there was something missing, so I decided to ask him to be a feature on the song. He liked the idea and jumped on! The rest is history…

The song means a lot to me. It’s a reminder that I should believe in myself more, I should work harder and harder so I can be fully self-sufficient one day! It says that the only one you need is yourself, and that’s what I stand by, and will continue to stand by! My advice to anyone growing up is to just follow your passion, ideas and just do anything to achieve them! Why not live that Hannah Montana realness if that’s what you want! You don’t have to follow the boring stencils society has given us! “ – Robbie Z

Robbie Z is an 18 year old artist. Robbie’s sound is very specific and different! The artist’s music career started off in 2018 with ‘Copy-Paste’ and ‘Gucci On Me’. Robbie’s debut mixtape titled ‘REBELLIOUZ’ came out in June of 2019 including the videos ‘TLTM’, ‘Hot Wheelz’ and ‘Lollipop’. Later on in 2019 Robbie released ‘Dead Ting’ and kicked off the new year with ‘DOLLAZ’. Robbie’s new single ‘Jewels Money Honey’ featuring Matty Storm came out after that. The artist has many exciting projects coming up, including the single ‘Expect Less’ and many live shows.


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