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Published on July 14th, 2020 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


Songwriter Storii, Something Out of Nothing

What fascinates you about humanity? Our superiority over other creatures? Maybe the connection that we foster with other people? And feel and express our emotions? For Richard Scarborough aka Storii, it is our ability to keep going; this is what makes us incredible. Storii is an upcoming artist and talented songwriter who often reflects on his past to inspire himself through difficult moments.

The challenge that most young people experience is a lack of career guidance. You simply have to find yourself, embrace the struggles and define your fate. Storii affirms that “I wanted to become a WWE wrestler, not sure why – then I found music at the beginning of my teenage years and from there I just wanted to be an artist.” Music gave him an opportunity to express himself, to share with the world about his personal experiences.

Storii did not have the best upbringing. His social circle was mostly made up of drug dealers and users. It was almost impossible to resist the temptation of interacting with such people. You try out new things for the fun then life hits you hard and somehow you have to refocus your attention to other constructive things. The fear of failure motivated Storii to detach from these friends; he suddenly developed a stronger mentality that enabled him to redefine his ambitions.

Back at home, his family was not entirely supportive. Storii has 6 siblings but he currently speaks to two of them. He remembers being the lone wolf in this large pack of determined beings. However, they did not have the same interests and life objectives. The evident differences meant that they could not form stronger bonds as a family unit. He realized that his dream of becoming a music artist was going to be a difficult one. Storiisimply had to keep going even without the affirmation of close people in his life.

The music industry pins every newcomer to the wall, exposing their weaknesses and strengths. Storii confirms that many people told him to quit as they believed he was not good enough. It is rather demotivating when that type of criticism is directed to a creative but then this propelled his desire to be greater. Music is all he knew; it is all he thought about every day. Instead of giving in to the negative appeal, he stayed relevant, proving wrong anyone who questioned his talent. Storiikept on writing new songs and producing hits that impressed his mentors.

Storii’s life journey is a clear indication that you can have something out of nothing. You can sacrifice to become that person you want to be in life. Just, never stop believing, never stop dreaming and never stop going!

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