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Published on July 23rd, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Takis Takes Us on A Ride with Goody Grace for “Wait for Me

Takis is a buzzworthy artist that needs to be on your radar for 2020. The Canadian-based creator blends together artists who differ in style to introduce a new and relatable sound, that is emotionally driven. For his latest single “Wait For Me,”he teams up with Goody Grace to put a distinct spin onto the track.
Give a listen to the new single on Spotify:
His career began with DJing in small venues and eventually local clubs, and quickly led to him producing his own records and remixes. Takis recounts a pivotal moment in his career when the radio station he worked for sent him to cover a local EDM festival.
Speaking of love out of sight and the hope of reconnecting, ‘Wait For Me’ immediately puts itself in contention for becoming the ultimate song of the summer. With heartfelt lyrics, velveteen vocals and an effervescent, sun-kissed instrumental dictating the vibe, this super-infectious collab between Takis, Goody Grace is the perfect soundtrack for the one that almost got away.
Takis’ relatable backstory, charged with conflicting feelings surrounding his hometown, threads through every aspect of his upcoming  ‘Welcome Home’ project, a lodestar for aspiring creators dealing with similar, oftentimes discouraging conditions. Putting the inner perfectionist and storyteller in full view, Takis’ ‘Welcome Home’ project is more than just a collection of lyrically inspired, well-thought-out records. It’s a place of acceptance.

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