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Published on July 27th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


The Most Hyped Up NBA Stars of the Playoffs

Fans of basketball wait the entire season for the playoffs; there is no better time to be a basketball fan than when the best teams in the league are playing for the title. During the playoffs, there’s a feeling that anything is possible and it’s common to have massive breakout stars arrive on court and surprise everyone with their abilities. 

With the NBA playoffs just around the corner, everyone is getting into the spirit of things and ready for some more incredible basketball. Websites like Sports Interaction are offering a bonus 100% up to $200 for NBA fans around the world. In fact, this may be the most anticipated playoff season in recent memory. To get you ready for the coming matches, here are some of the best players to watch out for this year.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

As the 2019 MVP, there were big expectations for Antetokounmpo going into this season and he has not disappointed. Now that he is fully rested entering nto the playoff season, the Bucks are expected to be one of the best teams. Antetokounmpo is looking for his first championship, and he certainly is going to be a hard competitor to deal with. This tall athlete has a very aggressive drive, and even in the NBA, there aren’t many players that can match his 6’11” height. Antetokounmpo is most certainly one of the most important players to keep an eye on. 

Michael Porter Jr. 

The Denver Nuggets’ young and aggressive forward has a talent that absolutely cannot be denied. He has been compared to Kevin Durant since day 1 for his smooth jump shots and dribbling skills. His injuries over the last few years are certainly no secret, and that’s one of the major reasons that he is still overlooked in the league to some degree. After the requisite time off to make sure he is in top shape, we’re expecting to hear his name a lot in the upcoming playoffs. So far this season, Porter is averaging almost 20 points for every 35 minutes of playtime and making 42.2% of his three point shots. Those are solid numbers for a 22 year old. With Porter on their squad, the Nuggets have managed to go 43-22 thus far in the regular season.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Oklahoma City Thunder have really taken off this year thanks to the power trio consisting of Chris Paul, Dennis Schroder and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. All three players have added immensely to this team with their own strengths, but in many ways Gilgeous-Alexander is the balancing force between the three. He works well as a combo guard alongside both point guards and creates his own shots and opportunities. As of now, Shai is leading Oklahoma City in scoring with an impressive 19.3 points per game. Look for him to turn it up and play all-out during the playoffs. 

LeBron James

James is hardly the kind of player that would be overlooked before the big games. On the contrary, he has been known to give 110% for every playoff matchup. In recent years however, he seems to have turned up the aggression. You get the sense that James knows his time is coming to an end; he’s done everything he can in the sport and there are many young and hungry players looking to take over. This season however, the Lakers are playing with a purpose. After the tragic loss of former Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, the Lakers can be counted on to play their heart out. This year LeBron is playing for Kobe, and for his legacy. Watch out for this incredible player working some of his magic this year.  

Nikola Jokic

Jokic has been playing at the elite level for years now, but somehow is still quietly flying under the radar and remains unmentioned by the press. We’ve recently seen updates from him, and he looks like he has slimmed down and is in the best shape of his life. Playing for the Nuggets, he has been a massive factor in their 43-22 record thus far. While he may be quiet in person, expect Jokic to make some major noise during the playoffs.



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