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Published on July 30th, 2020 | by Brittany Burton


The Story Behind Girl’s Group B3t On Yours3lf And Their New Single “They Like”

It’s been said that feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings. Over the years, society has belittled them because of the evident physical differences. B3t on Yours3lf believes that strong-minded women are finally taking charge, to change gender inequality norms and music is one way of achieving this objective. B3t on Yours3lf is a hip-hop group that is made up of three members, Charlie, AK and Porsha. The friendly and professional bond that they have continues to expose them to new opportunities.

However, they insist that it is not easy penetrating a male-dominated music industry, especially in the hip-hop genre. It is all about perseverance, but at times, strategy gives them an upper hand. The group’s new single ‘They Like’ has over 800k views on YouTube, confirming their current and potential fanbase. A critique of the rap song reveals a loud yet brisk voice from Charlie, AK and Porsha. Astoundingly, all of them can sing, and they are good at it! Aside from this, the partly-like tune represents urban life that hip-hop fans always want to associate with. B3t on Yours3lf did an exemplary job in producing this
piece. However, most people do not know that there is a story behind the lyrics. Charlie, AK and Porsha wanted to uplift women- to remind them that they are their own bosses. The song is a roar of women who have been in silence, living and working on themselves. Confirmation that they have men figured out, and power belongs to them.

They admit that they were hyping each other, twerkin and letting loose as they were recording the piece; the studio experience gave the song an extra classy touch.‘They Like’ is the first single from B3t on Yours3lf. Through the production process, the team got to work with the legendary Bid D & Lamb, an experienced music personality who gave them advice on how to make the entire experience amazing. It all came down to their passion and effort to make things work out despite the recent COVID-19 pandemic. B3t on Yours3lf want their fans to know that they beat all odds to come up winners but, there is more to come.

The group is currently working on releasing its first album before the end of the year. Collaborations with other famous and upcoming hip-hop artists will improve their brand image. Working with competent producers has the potential to give them an edge in the game. While all these go down, B3t on Yours3lf is still focused on promoting better welfare and power for women through their music. ‘They Like’ was just the start! Check out their new single here.

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