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Published on July 10th, 2020 | by Shayna Clark



Daidough – @iamdaidough

Daidough is the red-hot New Jersey artist paving the way for the (you heard it here first) “Jersey drill” sound. You may also know him as GMGB Daidough, this exciting young independent rapper is making waves in the garden state. On every track, Daidough hits listeners with a ferocious flow with more words-per-minute than most rappers’ entire project. His latest release, “Turn It Up a Notch” is no different. Packed with hard-hitting, nonstop bars, and jaw-dropping punchlines over a challenging beat that would shred a lesser artist. You can get more of this infectious, machine-gun style flow on other fan-favorite tracks like “A Hood Near You” and “Deadass.” 

Daidough is no one-trick-pony though. On the aptly titled “Ghetto Melodies,” he perfectly showcases his ability to “do both” by switching to a more melodic flow. In March, he got a chance to show off his acting skills with a cameo in Jadakiss featuring Pusha-T’s, “Huntin Season.” Ever since making waves back in 2018 with his first-day-out track “Wop 4 Wop,” Daidough has been an artist-to-watch. Now, in 2020, we are seeing a fully focused Daidough on a mission. No doubt big things are on the way for this exciting independent artist out of Jersey. If “Jersey drill” is going to be a thing, you can be sure Daidough will be at the front of the pack.

Arianna Marie – @ariannamarieofficial

Arianna Marie is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from New Rochelle, NY. Arianna grew up singing in the church, and later was shown the ropes of recording by her artist older brother.  Over time, she developed her sound – inspired by the likes of Etta James, Alicia Keys, H.E.R., and Kehlani. Her inspiration is clear on her debut project, It Is What It Is – released this past January. Throughout the project, Arianna hits listeners with captivating soulful vocals and relatable concepts that makes for easy listening. Since its release, she’s also dropped two videos to accompany standout tracks, “ DTN” and “Late Night Choices.” Arianna Marie is a rising talent with a bright future. Listeners can expect a followup project later this year – and be on the lookout for another single dropping this summer!

Keddy stackin – @keddystackin

Keddy stackin is a versatile new artist out of Queensbridge Projects with an exciting sound. 

He was inspired to start making music after the passing of a close friend, creating a song in his honor. On his debut EP, 6:03, Keddy showcases his command over the NY drill flow on songs like “Feelin Myself.” He can also switch up the sound to a softer, more melodic dance vibe – as we see on “Know It.” After one listen through 6:03, it’s clear that Keddy stackin “can do both.” Definitely keep your eye out for more from this exciting Queensbridge artist – and stay tuned for some fire visuals coming soon.


Tajh Virgil – @tajhvirgil

Tajh Virgil is an artist from a (relatively) small city with big dreams. Out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Tajh credits his affinity for music with being raised in a musical family. This might explain the unique style we hear throughout all Tajh’s work. With a sing-rap approach over well produced, pop-infused beats, Tajh always delivers well-crafted, fully baked songs with a broad appeal. His catchy, digestible sound appeals to a wide audience. With his latest single “Trust Issues” surpassing 1M Spotify streams in just a few months. His other standout track, “Up Now” follows closely behind as an upbeat inspirational anthem, perfect for a walk-out song or workout-playlist. Tajh’s unique style, rising star, and big-fish-in-small-pond backstory definitely make him an artist to watch in 2020. An excellent time for a sing-rapper like him, Tahj Virgil is working to keep putting out projects and elevating throughout 2020. Stay tuned!

PostRain The Legend – @postrainthelegend

PostRain The Legend is a rising artist and underground heavyweight straight out of the Boston Secor Projects in the BX. In June he dropped his latest project, The RainCave – featuring the intro track “Wanna Go.” On this song, PostRain takes a softer approach, forgoing his usually energetic bars for a more introspective flow and autotune melody. He uses “Wanna Go” to reflect on his journey, and the friends who weren’t able to make it with him. Listeners can expect an accompanying visual any day now – followed by the Deluxe Version of The RainCave. PostRain plans to keep his foot on the gas throughout the summer with plenty more songs and visuals on the way. 



Chaz Cleveland – @bklyn.chazzo

Chaz Cleveland is an artist from Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Also known as Chazzo, Chaz has been making music since 2015 – and is also the founder of independent label AbillaGram Entertainment. Growing up in a notorious Brooklyn neighborhood, Chaz had multiple run-ins with the police. His experiences in Crown Heights and overcoming hardships throughout his life is what fuels his music. In June, Chaz released the track, “Anyway. “ A song with an interesting, laid-back drill type beat and catchy flow that reflects on life in Brooklyn. The track’s coverart features a cop car burning during the aftermath of the George Floyd protests in New York. Chazzo plans to drop an EP this summer – so stay tuned for new music from Chaz Cleveland.


Chancio – @chancio

Chancio is an artist from Chicago, Illinois with an interesting sound (not that Chance!). Coming from a musical family where both parents were singers and musicians, Chancio has always been making much. He credits his unique, melodic sound to his upbringing and being exposed to a variety of different styles of music. The track, “Can’t Go On” is a perfect example of his alternative, pop-infused style reminiscent of a dreamy JuiceWRLD flow. The song is a moody reflection, coaching himself through a tough breakup and finally realizing he is better off. Currently, Chancio is working on finishing up his EP, Popular Loner. This debut project is set to drop in July – so stay tuned!


GoodeBlazer – @goodeblazer

Heather R. Taylor, professionally known as GoodeBlazer is a singer-songwriter based in Newark, NJ, by way of North Carolina. GoodeBlazer’s sounds is an interesting blend of styles, pulling from various musical influences combined with emotive and compelling storytelling. Her debut single, “Don’t Stop,” is a great example – combining two songs to create one dreamy, almost disco-feeling record. She dedicates “Don’t Stop”  to everyone out there who possesses the courage to never stop. Currently, GoodeBlazer is working on several demos and new projects that she hopes to share with the world soon!


Genuwine Beauty – @genuwinebeauty

Kenyatta Brown aka Genuwine Beauty is an independent artist out of Virginia by way of NJ. After years of problematic label representation, Genuwine has recently ventured out on her own to find independent success. Her unique, aggressive style and heavy affect are reminiscent of old school, early 2000’s type records. A fierce advocate, her single, “Sin City” featuring Gemini Salter is an upbeat party track that doubles as an ode to the LGBTQ community. Currently, Genuwine is working on a new single titled “Lemonade,” – set to release later this summer. You can also be on the lookout for new music and visuals from her artist, €innmon $henanigans. Stay tuned for more from the Genuwine Beauty camp!





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