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Writrz Block is a New App to Challenge the Creativity of Artists of all Genres


The Writrz Block, is an app that challenges music artists of all genres to record a hit song in 3 hours or less, without experiencing writer’s block. Artists and enthusiasts can challenge each other, producers, D.J.s, and more through the app — but what takes things a step further is that artists can make money using the app. The creative process, including artist interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, is also captured for the Writrz Block show.

Tell us about The Writrz Block!

The Writrz Block App is an app that allows artists to challenge each other to a 24-hour song duel. Producers have the ability to upload their beats to the platform — the catch is the beats are 10-15 seconds. If an artist likes a beat, they can use one for their challenge. When they challenge another artist, the opponent can accept or deny. If accepted, the full version of the beat is sent to both artists, and they have 24 hours to record and upload the song to the platform.  If they can’t complete it in time, they’ve experienced ‘Writrz Block!’ These battles are available to view via an in-app purchase. Fans can vote for their favorite song and, artists can in turn receive cash per vote!

What made you create this app? 

We created this app to give artists and producers a platform to showcase their talents and to make a profit. It’s difficult for new musicians to make a living while in pursuit of their dreams. We hope this platform allows them to build that dream confidently while providing them with supplemental income.

What makes it unique? 

This app is unique because there’s currently nothing like on it on the market.  We are giving artists the ability to showcase their talents and earn income.

How does it benefit users outside of just having fun? 

Beyond doing something they’re passionate about, artists can use the Writrz Block platform to confidently pursue their dreams. This app will be revolutionary.

Tell us your thoughts on the future of music and social media/technology!

Music is interesting because it’s an ever-evolving form of entertainment. Music is in a good state because it allows artists to expand into different genres and explore their creativity. As technology evolves, music ultimately evolves through new sounds, effects and creative freedom. I am excited about the future of music.

What’s next for The Writrz Block app and show? 

We would like to take the Writrz Block app and show to mainstream media. We’re exploring network deals and scaling the app for all mobile devices and users.  We want the Writrz Block to be the future of music!

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