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Published on August 16th, 2020 | by Dj Smoke


Champeon – Jam Remix

‘Jam Remix’ from Trinidad and Tobago artist Champeon is the perfect party song for the summer 

The sounds of the islands paired with upbeat vibe and an overall party spirit are on the hot new track from East Coast artist Champeon. His “Jam Remix” is the perfect kind of summer song to get people up and on their feet during quarantine as it hearkens back to better times while promising good times yet to come. 

Produced by frequent collaborator Jelani of Studio 23 Music Group, the song features guitar work from Tito Monaco – an artist from Nairobi, Kenya – and keyboards from Chify Jay – a Nigerian musician. Written and performed by Champeon, the song’s upbeat vibe has been making the rounds globally for the past couple of months and is getting quite a bit of attention from fans and industry insiders alike. 

“It’s a song that gets you in a great mood,” said the artist whose origins start in Trinidad and Tobago before coming to Miami and eventually landing in South Carolina. “The lyrics and the instruments put you in a good place. The song came about when we were fooling around in the studio talking about how when quarantine is done we can’t wait to get back in the club and dance with some females. We ended up creating a sound that basically takes you to the party.” 

A music video for the single has also been released. Directed and produced by Victor “Bigg Vic” Newton of 2026 Multimedia Studio, the video perfectly captures that summer party vibe by following Champeon as he meets a young lady, and the two started jamming to the music.  

Champeon has had a long journey in the music industry. What started as a passion for Soca music while living in Trinidad and Tobago grew into a love for other genres – specifically Hip Hop as he moved to thU.S. When he moved to South Carolina, he joined a group from Miami called Absentee Crew. In 2002, Champeon got the opportunity to open at a show that featured T&T Soca artist Sanell Dempster. That performance put him on the map, and he hasn’t looked back since.  

While working to establish his presence on the Soca scene, he began to explore what he could with his love of Hip Hop. Out of that experimentation came “Jam,” which he describes as a crossover Hip Hop track. 

“‘Jam’ was inspired by my free-spirited nature,” Champeon said. “Despite all the disappointments in life, I still have fun regardless of the situation. The song captures that and gives you the feeling of wanting to dance with a lady – it’s a feel so unreal that you have to put your hands up. At the end of the day, I want to create music that people can relate to. A party song is something anyone can relate to, but I’m doing more motivational songs, as well, to make you think a little bit more. Mostly, I want to reach out and capture people’s attention and give them a good time. Life is short so we gotta enjoy it. It’s all about just having a good time.” 

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