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Published on August 12th, 2020 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


How 24-Year-Old Credit Repair Specialist, Malik Hall, Made a 7-Figure Revenue in Just One Year Repairing Credit for the Urban Communities of Atlanta

In less than just one year, Malik Hall, has completely changed his reality from living with his family in his hometown of East Atlanta, Georgia to building a successful Atlanta credit repair company, ​MJ Consulting Group​, making 7-figures annually. Born and raised in the urban community of Kirkwood, Georgia, Malik was once robbed of the financial life lessons that are imperative in the growth of an individual. Having no true guidance, he had to hit rock bottom and fail in order to make it back to the top.

In the Summer of 2018, Malik faced a very serious hardship that negatively impacted his credit score. For obvious reasons, this was one of his most humiliating life experiences ever. Being a young man fresh into the world straight out of college with poor credit, he was forced to get crafty in repairing it. His goal was to not just get back to his original score, but to strengthen it even more. “I did one thing: read, read, read,” Malik says when asked about his tactics for credit growth. From his very extensive amount of research, he began to gain a better understanding of what approach should be taken. From that point on, he was then able to remove all negative inquiries from his credit score, boosting his score to 785 within just less than a month.

Since overcoming that hardship and getting out of that hole, he later made the decision to begin helping others in reaching the goal of financial freedom. By removing those negative items and inaccuracies listed, he realized his purpose and decided to lend a helping hand to his community. “No matter one’s age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or social class, you need credit for ​everything,​ ” Malik explains. “If you’re looking for a job, apartment, home, car, utilities, cell phone, loan, or more, you ​need​ credit.”

This process led to the development of MJ Consulting Group. Malik operates business in Midtown Atlanta, while possessing clientele from over fifteen US States. Business immediately began to boom as he started to preach the importance of good credit for his then-peers. He began to gain the reputation of the “guardian angel” for everyone in need of repaired credit in Atlanta. The services that Malik offers include credit consulting, specializing in the disputing and removal of negative inquiries and inaccuracies including collections, medical debt, charge-off accounts, late payments, repossessions, evictions, student loans, bankruptcies, and more.

Although it has not always been a smooth road being a part of the credit repair industry, it is most definitely fulfilling for Malik. “I have faced obstacles from dealing with impatient clients, those who go against my advice and instructions, but it’s all for the greater good,” Malik says. This industry takes true time, patience, and dedication if wanting the job to be handled correctly and effectively. However, Malik Hall is a contender and will ​never​ say no and will ​never​ give up.

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