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Julie Raheja-Perera On MTN DEW’s Outdoor Stimulus Package, Future MTN DEW Happenings & More

Beyond making internationally-popular beverages, as of late MTN DEW has been paying outdoor enthusiasts to go fishing and hunting once again. Through its ongoing commitment to fueling outdoor lovers’ passions everywhere, MTN DEW has announced an additional $100,000 MTN DEW Outdoor Stimulus to last through the end of summer 2020, as the brand’s initial stimulus earlier this month was fully exhausted last week in just five hours — yes, only five hours from its start time.

The DEW team knows this is a challenging time and is honoring those who embrace the adventurous spirit of the great outdoors with this second phase that will give outdoorsmen and women another opportunity to earn a reimbursement for their hunting and fishing permits. To learn more about the $100,000 MTN DEW Outdoor Stimulus, I spoke with Julie Raheja-Perera, VP of Marketing within the Central Division of PepsiCo. More on MTN DEW can be found at

How would you describe the $100,000 MTN DEW Outdoor Stimulus concept to someone not yet familiar?

Julie Raheja-Perera: MTN DEW acknowledges that we’re living in a challenging time, and we’re honoring those who embrace the adventurous spirit of the great outdoors and giving outdoorsmen and women an opportunity to earn a reimbursement for their hunting and fishing permits.

When we released the initial $100,000 MTN DEW Outdoor Stimulus on July 15th, the fund was fully exhausted in just five hours. The response to our initial Dew Outdoor Stimulus was incredible and to celebrate our continued commitment to the Heartland, we decided to do it all over again and issue a Phase II on July 23rd, giving DEW Nation another chance to apply and enjoy what they love to do during this unprecedented summer. This additional $100,000 is being distributed daily through the end of summer, ensuring everyone has a chance to safely get “Out Here” with Dew.

What must a person do in order to be qualified and apply for that stimulus?

Julie Raheja-Perera: Through Phase II, the stimulus will open daily and accept up to 100 permit applications per day, reimbursing one permit per household up to $20 in total via Venmo or check payment. We’re noticing that on average, the stimulus has tapped out within four minutes every day, so those interested should set their alarms early. Fans can check out the full rules and regulations at and submit photos of their fishing and/or hunting permits from the last calendar year — date of issue falls between January 1, 2019 to the date consumer applies.

When does this promotion go until?

Julie Raheja-Perera: The MTN DEW Outdoor Stimulus is now live and will be open daily through the week of September 7th, closing Friday. But this offer won’t last forever — the fund opens at 9AM CT every day and closes after the first 100 people apply, so set an alarm to submit and enjoy!

Stimulus aside, what is coming up for MTN DEW?

Julie Raheja-Perera: Just like Heartlanders, MTN DEW shares a deep sense of regional pride as it’s a way of life and a commitment to the community and land. The incredible response to our DEW Outdoor Stimulus has been heard loud and clear, and we promise this is just the beginning. Expect to see more outdoor-focused initiatives from us in the near-future through our ongoing “Out Here. It’s DEW.” program, which focuses on celebrating and empowering those who embrace the adventurous spirit of the great outdoors and commitment to embracing efforts that support wildlife conservation, education and restoration.

Do you have a favorite MTN DEW product?

Julie Raheja-Perera: I love them all, but have to admit Dew Zero Sugar is my go-to!

When not busy with MTN DEW, where does your free time usually go?

Julie Raheja-Perera: I have an amazing and active family — my husband, two boys and our beloved Bernedoodle — so lately we have been enjoying tons of safe outdoor activities, such as playing tennis, going to the local dog beach and renting paddle boards on the lake front while enjoying incredible views of Lake Michigan and Chicago.

What was the last concert you attended before everyone started quarantining?

Julie Raheja-Perera: Summerfest in Milwaukee – it’s been too long!

Finally, Julie, any last words for the kids?

Julie Raheja-Perera: This is an unprecedented time for all of us, but I hope everyone has the opportunity to get outside and unleash their passions, while keeping their health and safety on the forefront.

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