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Published on August 20th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Listen to Munk Duane’s commentary on the state of affairs with new single “Dangerous”

Boston-based musician, producer, and film composer Munk Duane has led an impressive career. His soul/alternative-R&B sound has received much acclaim and over the past few years, he has been christened the 2018 New England Music Award for Male Performer of the Year. With six albums under his belt, Duane‘s music has been licensed in hundreds of TV/Film productions such as Hawaii Five-ONCISThe Sopranos, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Today, Duane unveils a sharp commentary on the current state of affairs with his new single “Dangerous.” The single was inspired by Duane’s battle with Covid-19 this past March and it was written to addresses the pitfalls involved with blindly following false narratives without a sense of self-awareness.

The track takes off with ominous overtones and sparse instrumentation of a muffled snare drum and Duane’s hushed vocals. The beat really kicks in on the fiery chorus that serves as a cautionary bop. Taking inspiration from contemporaries like Anderson Paak and Kendrick Lamar, while also recognizing past purveyors like Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder, Munk Duane crafts the perfect blend of groove-oriented conscious-R&B. His music has a purpose and in today’s social climate the messages are all too clear. The accompanying video is a moody view of Munk and his band in the studio delivering impassioned pleas and laying into the beat.

We caught up with the artist to hear a more in-depth look into the song,

The cycles of history repeat themselves. Recognition and awareness of the patterns could lead to modern solutions,” says Duane. “Despite a person’s intentions, ignoring expertise, embracing conspiracy, paranoia, and cultivating division have brought us to where we are today. These practitioners are, in a word, dangerous, both to individuals and society.”

Find out more about Munk Duane on his website: munkduane.com

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