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Published on August 12th, 2020 | by Dj Smoke


Scatta R.Pee – Weather Checker

Intriguing new single ‘Weather Checker’ from Scatta R.Pee serves as perfect introduction for new EP ‘4 Seasonz 

East Coast rapper Scatta R.Pee has long been a musician whose sound and style has created heightened intrigue from Hip Hop fans all over the world. His latest single “Weather Checker” is no different. Right off the bat, its syncopated rhythm makes the listener sit up and say, “What’s up with this song?” Then suddenly Scatta drops in with his signature sound and killer flow and it’s impossible to turn away. As he extemporizes the ill effects of a Weather Checker – someone who can’t keep their nose out of your business – the listener is taken on a ride that not only invites them to nod their heads at the beat, but also in agreement with everything that’s being said. 

The single is the first off a four-song EP called “4 Seasonz.” Currently available across all streaming platforms, the project is one in which Scatta said he tries to embrace the emotions and vibes of the four seasons, as well as the four quarters that seem to repeat over-and-over again throughout many different industries – from sports to business to music and everything in between. 

In addition to “Weather Checker,” the EP includes the songs “Cold Fresh (Winter),” “Juicy” and “Catch ah Vibe” featuring Voice who appeared c/o Helicopter Boyz who is also from Trenton NJ. All of the songs continue to show fans a guy who is authentic and always stays true to his principles and convictions. As usual, he delivers head-bobbing music that has a story and strong lyrical content. From comedy to culturally relevant and sometimes relational, Scatta’s “4 Seasonz” is the perfect embodiment of who he is as an artist and what he hopes to put out into the world. 

“I personally feel every artist should have their own sound and not do what’s trending, which is why I stick to my sound and don’t try to do anything different,” Scatta said. “This project grew because of the whole situation we find ourselves in today. The beat selection is a little darker and the overall vibe is a little darker, but I like it and I love what we’ve put into it.” 

Scatta R.Pee is a founding member of Truth Or Square out of Trenton and together, they released a wide range of songs over the years. In 2009, after releasing five mixtapesScatta released his first solo album. It was called “Jawanda ECM-Authenticness” and was named after his older sister who heavily influenced his music career. Since that time, he has released three other full albums and two mixtapes. Every song on his new EP is produced by Divine Drummah – a frequent collaborator and the producer of many of his previous works.  

To listen to “4 Seasonz” or other music from Scatta R.Pee, or to follow him on social media, please visit: 

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