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SNL Writer Sam Jay Joins MTV’s “Fresh Out Live” to Discuss Comedic Creativity and Her New Comedy Special “3 In The Morning”

Sam Jay, the first comedian to ever drop by MTV’s “Fresh Out Live,” entertained host Jamila Mustafa with the exclusive inside scoop on her new Netflix comedy special, “3 In The Morning.” The SNL writer dished about her girlfriend’s influence in her work, her inspiration, as well as navigating humor in today’s climate. Jamila also covers new music from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, as well as Yungblud, MTV’s Push Artist of The Month.

Watch: New Music + SNL Writer Sam Jay Talks Netflix Show ‘3 In The Morning’ | #MTVFreshOut

Highlights from the conversation between Jamila and Sam Jay include:

On titling her comedy special “3 In The Morning”:

“That is kinda the witching hour, I feel like that’s when creatives are up… I feel like it was when I was coming in late from comedy clubs arguing with my girl, and getting inspiration for the special. So for me, it just really felt like that’s where the special got made.”

On her admiration for Jaden Smith, who she references in her special:

“I’m just really impressed by that young man to be honest, from his philanthropy to just his freedom of thinking and how he moves through the world. As an older Black person that grew up with all these rules about “how to be Black” and what Black was, and what Black wasn’t – for me is just dope to see.”

On the unique space that women occupy in comedy: 

“I think that right now definitely there’s more women that are doing it a little bit differently than we are used to seeing in the traditional sense, kind of hitting these harsher topics, and not just doing the stuff that we’re used to seeing. I think it’s dope. I feel like we are occupying whatever space we want right now, and I think that’s awesome.”

On her girlfriend’s reaction to her material:

“She sees a lot of this stuff in development, and I always kinda check in with her and be like ‘are you cool with that, or would you rather me not say that?’ …I do live with her, and I’m very afraid of her actually. What people don’t know is I’m terrified of my girlfriend, so I wouldn’t be saying anything up there that she was not okay with.”

MTV’s “Fresh Out Live” is a new short-form music series that delivers the most important music and pop culture news of the week directly to fans, including artist interviews, in-studio performances, album drops, and tour announcements every Friday at 5PM ET/PT on MTV.

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