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Terrell Carter on Partnering With Impulse Group to Help Fight Against Racism and Hate

During these difficult times we are living in, organizations like Impulse Group, You are Essential, Revolt Impact, and Brad Hammer Productions have all committed to raising money for Social Justice Organizations! Actor/Singer/Songwriter/Author Terrell Carter (Fox’s Empire) has partnered up with Impulse Group to fight against racism and hate! The team collaborated for an amazing Black Lives Matter anthem entitled Loves In Need of Love which is available on streaming platforms now and all proceeds go to help these organizations with their fight! If you are so inclined, you may donate here

Take a look at the striking visual for the song below:

The Hype Magazine got Terrell to weigh in on a few things

From the outside looking in, who is Terrell Carter?

From the outside looking in, Terrell Carter is as transparent as I can be at this point in my life. I went so long being what I thought the public, friend, fans, and family wanted me to be. When I decided to live and tell my story in its truth, it is when I truly started living.

What brought you to the entertainment industry?

What brought me to the Entertainment industry was my love for singing. There was nothing more Important to me as a child than this. It took me all over the world before I ever left Buffalo. It was my escape and I knew that with some hard work I could be rather good at it.

Tell us about your current project with Impulse Group and the mission behind the movement

The project that I did with Impulse Group is one that I am so grateful for. It really moved me to know that Impulse Group wanted to help with this movement for my people. It was one of the most important projects for me to date. When I was out protesting and realized that I could have had the same sign up that my grandmother held up in the march on Washington and it would have been relevant today I knew I had to use my platform for more than just entertainment; Impulse Group came to me and I was so thankful. I wanted to ask them the same question and how it this was important to them and this is what they said.

(Impulse Group):

Our mission behind the movement (united and not silent) is to empower black voices, stop the silence and speak up to promote equity and equality. Impulse Group’s main goal is to engage, connect and support all races around the globe. To fight racism, colorism, and classism.

How did you come to be involved?

My good friend Brad Hammer of Brad Hammer Productions called me and told me about it and thought that I would be a perfect fit for it. He was right as usual lol. One of the most talented guys that I know.

What is the most important part for you about the partnership?

The most important part of this is that we trust each other. We trust each other’s judgment, creative flow, and most of all we are all concerned with the bigger picture.

You made a powerful video in support of this project, what range of emotions did you go through as you filmed?

When I made this video, it brought me to tears so many times. The images of this video are just heart wrenching. I smiled knowing that the images of love, acceptance, respect, and togetherness were happening on a global scale. However, it was still a rollercoaster emotionally knowing that after all these years here we still are fighting for the same bullshit. I am at a loss for words. It is just time out for racism. Anyone who is racist now is just going on stories and what they were told to like. There are no more firsthand slaves and slave masters left that interacted with each other. Everything now is just the aftereffects and each generation is just tainted with the same hateful foolishness.

Where do you hope the project leads us?

I hope it leads us a step closer to the freedom that Black people truly deserve. Then they can start the healing process and truly fix some of the inner pain even within our own race, much of which is because of inequality and because of what we endured in this country.

Any additional thoughts?

I want to give a special thanks to Brad Hammer Productions and Impulse Group for calling me in to speak peace and equality in such a way. I am profoundly grateful for everyone that worked on this project. This project is one that truly is here to knock holes in the hate that spreads across this country. Hate has caused so many problems in this country but has never solved one.


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