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Vince Godson – Timeless

Vince Godson has released a brand new track entitled, ‘Timeless’. The track without a doubt captures the perfect mood of a late-night reflective drive.

Speaking on the track he says:

“My most accurate interpretation of Timeless is that it’s about an individual who has all the right things going for them but in their quest for finding a connection, they become so infatuated with the idea, and so caught up in finding it in every person they meet, that the whole idea of connection itself goes numb.  I’m not sure if it’s the climate we’re in now or if I’m just seeing things differently these days but it’s like we’re all playing this game of musical chairs, and so many of us are just trying to find love before the music stops.

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Vince continues by saying:

“I’ve had this song for the better part of a year. I had the hook pretty much done but I kept scrapping verses cause something just wasn’t doing it for me; I couldn’t get passed two lines without wanting to dead the whole song. It wasn’t until I actually decided to leave the house and get out more to where the idea for the rest of the song started to make sense to me. Most of my difficulties in writing come from when I try to create something that I haven’t directly or indirectly experienced personally. I’m never satisfied with the way those songs come out. That’s not the case for Timeless.”

Make sure to listen to the track below:

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