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Published on September 14th, 2020 | by Brittany Burton


DeShawn Davis Talks New ‘The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of 1.0’ Album

DeShawn Davis was born in San Francisco, CA during the late ’80s. At 13, DeShawn caught inspiration to build a music studio (Dream Ear Productions) from spare parts around his home. DeShawn went on to win a business pitch competition for $15,000 in order to expand the company and pursue his Dreams. Coming off the release of his The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of 1.0, he is crossing entrepreneurship and music in an innovative way. Learn more about him and his new album release below.

Where are you from?

Hunters Point, San Francisco, Bay Area, CA, USA, Earth, Milky Way.

What is your musical background?

Self-taught music producer. I had some courses in school and 1 or 2 lessons with a vocal trainer. I study from other producers, mentors, and places like and Youtube.

Who are some of your favorite artists old and new?

That’s easy. Jay-Z, Kanye, 2pac, Mac Dre, Rick Ross’s beat selection is crazy, and Just Blaze is one of my favorite producers ever. I believe that Young Guru belongs in that conversation for mixing, mastering, and the extras that engineers do.

Are you affiliated with any companies or artists in the music industry? Affiliated? Like work with / do business with? 

Walt Liquor aka 4TWO7 from The Fresh Yard Records has been a personal mentor for a decade and business partner for years. The Music Entrepreneurship Club with DJ PAIN1 and Damien “Dame” Ritter give producers a bunch of access to info and game about the industry. The rest of my friends I’m not sure if it’s cool to give their names out, but the network is vast.

What advice would you give an aspiring music producer? 

To define what it is that they want from this game and to go take it. Learn, thrive, and understand business.

Tell us about your production company, D.R.E.A.M LLC.

D.R.E.A.M. is the umbrella company that houses most of my business ventures –  Dream Ear Productions, Dream Eye Media, and Dream N’ Games. Dream Ear was the first company of the group, started when I was 13, using a jerry-rigged system and bootlegged Reason software in a small bedroom until I won $15K in a business pitch competition and upgraded.

Dream Eye Media specializes in photography, video, and we do logos / some web design work. Dream N’ Play Games is the baby/startup of the group. We have a few mobile games that we’re working on. The companies work together so we can keep everything in-house.

 What was the inspiration behind ‘TSTDAMO’?

The Stuff That DREAMs are Made of 1.0 means so much to us at D.R.E.A.M. as our debut album. We did everything from creation, to distribution, and marketing. The inspiration came from the times that we are in. Where are we headed? How did we get here? Were things better before? 

What separates you from other producers?

I ask this question to all of my clients. The first thing they always say is “You hella professional, but a real n***a at the same time.” I give game, create a safe space for the artist, I’m honest, I’m accountable, I stick to time commitments/appointments, and I want everyone to win. I don’t come on to the women that come through or stop sessions to play video games/bs. I offer tea to vocalists and a smoke space for smokers (outside of the studio and away from my gear). I continuously evolve in all areas that I control. Much love to those that feel attacked by anything that I’ve said.

Press play below to stream Deshawn Davis The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of 1.0.


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