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Published on September 15th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


LL COOL J Reacts to His Most Iconic ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ Music Videos

LL Cool J (Photo Credit Peter Yang)

LL Cool J (Photo Credit Peter Yang)

In honor of the 30th Anniversary of LL COOL J’s double-platinum album, Mama Said Knock You Out, the Hip-Hop legend himself sat down to rewatch some his most iconic music videos; reliving some of his career’s most beloved moments while also reacting to the looks, sounds, and styles he was on back in 1990.

The project is one of the most celebrated Hip Hop albums in this history of the genre and a defining moment in music at large. Having the legend weigh in on some of the videos from the album is a special treat.

Some highlights from the videos include:

  • On the “Boomin’ System” video – “This was crazy. I remember how this all looked — the vibe,” LL says with a laugh. “This was like my Shaka Zulu vibe.”

  • LL reveals it was his grandmother who makes a cameo at the end to say “Todd! When are you gonna take out that garbage?” and she did it in one take; remembers how he would come home from tour on a high from the fans and she would bring him back down to earth and kept him humble by telling always yelling at him to take out the garbage

  • LL explains why he thinks “Around The Way Girl”, “Jingling Baby” and “Mama Said Knock You Out” are the best videos from this bunch because of his relationship with legendary director Paris Barclay who was at the helm of those and their combined creativity

  • LL says he still has the fur coat that he wore in “6 Minutes of Pleasure”

  • LL talks about how the album cover inspired the video and that the black-and-white “Mama Said Knock You Out” video is evocative in its Raging Bull-inspired boxing ring


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