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Published on September 4th, 2020 | by Dj Smoke


Mo Bentley – Don’t Kill My Vibe

New Pop star Mo Bentley makes big splash with summer single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ 

A new pop star is on the rise on the West Coast with a throwback vibe that pairs soaring vocals with a signature sound that’s reminiscent of Ariana Grande. Mo Bentley is an up-and-coming actress, singer and songwriter from the Portland, Oregon area who has been building a name for herself over the past few years with hot singles like “Somebody Like Me” and “Lights On.” And her latest single, “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” is the kind of universal feel-good sound that will surely propel her to global notoriety. 

Produced by Jaylien Wesley and co-written by Mo and Jaylien this summer in North Hollywood“Don’t Kill My Vibe” starts with a slow, chill intro that creates a laid-back vibe, perfectly priming listeners for the moment when Mo’s beautiful voice powers in. This pop/soul fusion takes a throwback 90s feel and adds a modern-day twist for a bouncy and wavy sway that will have fans all over the world bopping their heads. The video for “Don’t Kill My Vibe” – produced by Star Kidz Productions and Michelle Bennett, and directed by Reel Mike Jones – is scheduled to release in September.  

“Originally, we were going to write a song about a boy, but I felt like several pop songs today are about relationships, so I wanted to do something different,” Mo said. “I wanted to change up my style. I deal with haters often on social media and people judging me. The more I thought about it, writing a song about overcoming this would help me express my feelings. I basically read through all the mean comments on Instagram and we connected it together and put it into art. I think people will see that I’m an artist who is unique, different and who wants to go after an original life. I’m putting myself out there, working hard and not caring what people think. A lot of people struggle with that, however, I’m focusing on being myself right now. Writing lyrics and making music has really helped me to express myself and define who I really am.”  

Mo is at the beginning of her senior year of high school and has plans to move to Los Angeles next year with hopes to study at the Los Angeles College of Music. Being raised in an athletic family, Mo has also participated in competitive cheer and played both basketball and soccer. Mo often gravitated to being a performer. She learned it was through acting and singing that she’s able to find her true strengths, which allow her to be herself, she said. She started auditioning for commercials and television shows in Oregon and along the West Coast and said she’s hopeful for more opportunities like that to pop up when she moves to LA. She credits Patrick Day at Young Actors Space in Sherman Oaks for his teaching and help toward pursuing this dream. She’s working hard at developing her career as a pop artist and looking forward to growing her fanbase with new songs like “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” 

Mo was quick to thank special people in her life. She said she knows she wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for her teachers, vocal coaches, producers, co-writers, friends and family. She said it’s important to her that she shares how much she appreciates the people who have allowed her to be herself and who have personally invested in her – giving her advice, helping her build her network, lending a hand through mistakes and always having her back, no matter what.  

“I hope my music is known for making people feel something,” Mo said. “I’m finding myself by being myself. Its my goal that my listeners are able to connect with my lyrics personally and that my passionalso drives them to discover their passions. When friends are just hanging out listening to musicI want my music to give them the feeling that they can turn it all the way up, jam out and feel alive. When I’m listening to artists like Ariana, I feel something I never felt before – the beat, the energy and the fun. I want people to feel that way with my music, too. As I get older and gain more confidence, I want to continue to write and create more influential music. I feel I can really bring a special vibe.” 

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“Don’t Kill My Vibe” 

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