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Published on December 16th, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is Rising Star Peter Cestaro?!

Peter Cestaro is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and musician who has achieved amazing success as an independent artist. With mentors like French Montana and Little TJ, this talented artist is blowing up with hits like “Cyber Love”“Cup Full of Jenny”, and his popular song Heartbreak released this fall and focuses on a problematic relationship that he is trying to fix. He continues to advance his music career and has been working on his craft with new releases and live performances. Peter also stars in the Amazon Prime show, Next Big Thing NYC, which launched its first episode in July. The show follows Peter as he makes his mark in the industry and strives to become the next big thing alongside other talented rising stars.

We caught up with Peter to get a bit more insight into this rising star.

From the outside looking in, who is Peter Cestaro?

From the outside looking in,  Peter looks and acts like an everyday Teen age boy.  Peter loves to have fun, hang out with his friends, and family, and  has a lot of hobbies.  His hobbies include, fitness, xbox, hiking,  boating, piano, guitar,  and basketball.  Once you get to know him,  you see How hard he works behind closed doors.  He has this crazy passion for music.  He wakes up singing and goes to bed singing.  Peter plays the piano every chance he gets.  He is very involved with his school, and is Vice-President of his Senior Class.  He takes pride in everything he does.  He is a High Honor student.  Peter helps out with town Elections, and loves history and politics.  In his spare time he is always writing new music.  His favorite place to be is at Gstarr recording studio.

Was there a defining moment that made you feel music is the career for you?

I have been performing since such a young age.  I grew up singing oldies.  I know every Frank Sinatra song.   There was a local steak house that I used to jump on the microphone and perform at every week from seven years old.  It was always so normal for me.  I always loved to perform.  My first big recital was at a college auditorium.  The light was on me while I was singing “Billionaire”.  When I was done singing over 2000 people went crazy!  I think that day was a life a changing moment for me at the age of 7.   It was such a rush of excitement,  I knew I belonged on a stage.

What is the most satisfying for you about making music? 

There is no limit on what you can create when you make music.   Music can help you get through any situation.  Music makes you feel care free.  I am Able to express my emotions into a song.  I come up with a musical idea,  I put those ideas in order, and then I finalize them. The most satisfying thing about making music is hearing the final product you made because at first I start with the lyrics I’ve had previously wrote but hearing it with a fire beat with those studio speakers blasting it makes creating music an unforgettable experience.

Give us some insight on Heartbreak and what it means for you

I wrote the song “Heartbreak” while I was in the studio with my producer DocondaBeat.  During our sesh, he made the beat on the spot. The humming ad libs in the beginning, came kind of natural. We Co-wrote the song. I think every teenager has their fair share of heartbreak stories at one time or another. With me, every word I sang was my true feelings. I already released the music video of “Heartbreak” pm October 1st. I filmed at this dope mansion, a few exotic cars, and a beautiful model for the lead role in the vid.

Do you have a specific process for making music?

Some artists write in all different kinds of ways. For me, whatever melody I hear in my head I just write it down and start vibing with it to see where I can go with the song, sorta like free styling but with no beat. If I need any reference to see what kind of vibe I’m getting while writing I’ll hop on my keyboard.

You also star in the Amazon Prime Show Next Big Thing NYC, how has that enhanced your growth as an artist and performer?

With the show “Next Big Thing NYC” it was an honor to be one of the few selected cast members to work on this project. I had a blast with filming and made so many new friends by the time it was over.  One thing I can say that helped me as a artist, was how I portray myself on camera. I went from being a little on the soft spoken side while filming the first episode, to being way more comfortable and out going every time I was on the camera. This show has everything you can think of,  when you think of reality tv. From the traveling, to hot cars, and most importantly the teen drama so be prepared. It’s definitely a must see and I’m happy to share my music from being on this  New reality hit tV Show.

What’s next for Peter?

I am applying to Colleges. I am really focusing on getting all my projects out there and researching different marketing ideas.  I am my own brand.  Its hard right now, not being able to perform in public like I always did prior to Covid.  I am making the best of it, and constantly writing mew music.  I have so much music that I am sitting on, and I’ve been recording almost weekly, so it’s safe to say I got plenty of new hits coming your way.  Stay Safe and please Subscribe to my Youtube channel. Make sure you follow me on all social media platforms which is my name (Peter Cestaro) to stay posted with future projects.

Thank you for all your support!

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