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30 Food & Drink Discoveries For March 2021 & Well Beyond

With everything happening in the world, there is still a lot of uncertainty going around. But everyone needs to eat, and there is no shortage of exciting food and drink offerings to order online. If you are searching for new food discoveries, you’ve come to the right place as I have been monitoring the latest and greatest from online retailers. Here are 30 recommendations available for ordering today.

Holic Foods

Holic Foods offers clean-label, bold-flavor, globally-inspired sauces, dips and condiments that happen to be nutritious and delicious. Yet these sauces are extremely versatile and can all be drizzled, dolloped, dipped, dressed and spread. All of Holic’s delightful sauces are plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, soy-free and top 8 allergy-friendly, while the Jalapenoholic and Tahiniholic offerings are also vegan-certified. A lot of boxes are checked via this recommendation, to say the least.

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Pizza

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough is reportedly the first-ever sourdough based frozen pizza brand. Its sourdough is naturally-fermented, which makes it gut-friendly, increases the bioavailable nutrients in the dough and lowers its glycemic index. Thus, you have a great-tasting yet healthier option.

The brand currently has 3 core flavors: mushroom, sunflower pesto and mozzarella; my personal favorite of the 3 is the mozzarella offering. Each flavor is thoughtfully-sourced and organic so that you can finally feel good about pizza. Currently the brand is sold nationally in over 2,000 stores including Sprouts, select Whole Foods stores, Fred Meyer and King Soopers.

Fry Family Food

LIVEKINDLY Collective was founded by Blue Horizon Group upon the belief that plant-based alternatives have the power to make the global food system sustainable. As a collective of entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the globe, LIVEKINDLY Collective is uniquely-positioned to create impact with speed, at scale, because of its unique capabilities and purpose-driven mission to effect change through sustainable, cruelty-free, plant-based alternatives. Through its portfolio of brands — Oumph!, The Fry Family Food Co., LikeMeat and No Meat — LIVEKINDLY Collective is making plant-based-eating the new normal and providing consumers around the world with healthy, sustainable, delicious food options.

Fry’s Chick’N Nuggets are lightly-rolled in bread crumbs and are a quick and easy family favorite. The Big Fry Burger actually sizzles on the grill as it cooks and is seasoned with fresh and herbs and spices. Meanwhile, Fry’s Chick’N Patties can serve as an ideal foundation for a variety of sandwiches, and its Breakfast Links make for a tasty way to start the day. Fry’s versatile Pea Protein Grounds are an easy swap for ground meat in a wide variety of dishes, including spaghetti bolognese, lasagna and burritos. Now available at Sprouts locations nationnwide, all of Fry’s products are made with non-GMO, plant-based ingredients. Thus, they are great sources of protein and naturally cholesterol-free while low in saturated fat.

Oh, and speaking of LikeMeat… LikeMeat recently launched 4 new Like Chick’n products: Like BBQ Chick’n, Like Chick’n Pieces, Like Grilled Chick’n and Like Chick’n Nuggets. These offerings can, of course, be used to prepare the delicious, indulgent favorites we all crave. Each 7-ounce Like Chick’n variety provides plenty of plant-powered protein and fiber. And even the packaging trays are earth-friendly, as made from 95 percent recycled materials.

OMNOM Chocolate

OMNOM is Iceland’s first and only bean-to-bar chocolate maker. Its handmade, small-batch chocolate offerings include single-origin selections from Madagascar, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Peru. Omnom’s newest superfood creation is the SuperChocoBerryBarleyNibblyNuttylicious flavor, a delicious, nutritious dark chocolate bar made from organic Tanzanian cocoa beans, as sprinkled with cranberries, salted almonds, puffed Icelandic barley and cacao nibs. OMNOM chocolates — as featured within the first episode of Zac Efron’s Netflix series Down To Earth — are available on Amazon, while select flavors are also available online through Murray’s Cheese.

Recently for Valentine’s Day 2021, OMNOM unveiled its Love Collection. New to the OMNOM fold is its Easter collection. Mr. Carrots’ Easter Treats combines delightful Mango-Passion and Milk Chocolate Almonds, which are to nibble on and enjoy. The acidity of the passion fruit and the fruitiness of the mango intertwine perfectly with the velvety texture and sweet flavor of the milk chocolate, coming together superbly in a mouthwatering explosion with the salty-toasted almond. Meanwhile, OMNOM’s Lakkris Sea Salt Krunch offers crunchy malt balls coated in Icelandic white chocolate made with sweet licorice powder and hand-harvested fresh sea salt. For both of these OMNOM treats, you won’t simply be able to have just one.

Oats Overnight

Oats Overnight is reportedly the world’s first spoon-free high-protein oatmeal. Each package of Oats Overnight is made with certified gluten-free oats as its base, plus clean whey or pea protein and superfoods (e.g. chia seeds, flaxseeds, maca root, cacao). In turn, Oats Overnight also contains complex carbs, 20+ grams of protein and plenty of soluble and insoluble fiber. Once you choose your flavor, you then mix it with milk of your choice and refrigerate overnight so it ought to be ready to go in the morning. This means so no more running late because you need to prep breakfast.

Flavors include Green Apple Cinnamon, Maple Pancake, Snickerdoodle and Peanut Butter Cacao Cookie — there are 13 flavors in total — while 2 of the mixtures, Mocha Dream and Chai Latte, also come pre-caffeinated so you can really get a complete breakfast. If you purchase from Oats Overnight’s website directly, you get a free shaker bottle with your first order, which are also sold on Amazon.


Lupii makes shelf-stable, plant-based protein bars made from the mighty lupini bean. They are vegan and come in 4 tasty flavors: Tahini Lemon Cranberry, Peanut Butter Cacao, Almond Butter Cinnamon Raisin, and Cashew Ginger Pumpkin Seed. Many food-related insiders believe lupini beans are set to be the next superfood powerhouse as they deliver 3 times the protein of eggs, 3 times the fiber of oats and all 9 amino acids. Thus, Lupii’s bars aim to keep you fueled throughout the day and/or fueled for any on-the-go action needed.

Lemonette Salad Dressings

Lemonette is reportedly the first and only lemon-based clean gourmet dressing available in different flavors that are great for dressings, marinades, dips, grilling, finishes and your own concoctions. Crafted in small batches and locally-sourced in California, lemon is the foundation of all 4 Lemonette flavors: Mediterranean Herb, Italian Herb, Lemon Garlic and Zesty Cumin. Therefore, you can easily meet all your culinary needs with this wholesome alternative to vinegar, cream or soy-based sauces. These dressing are vegan, non-GMO, keto-ready, Whole30-friendly and dairy-free, without any sugar or artificial ingredients. Clean, simple, plant-powered ingredients, as made in Southern California and available both at grocery stores nationwide and via Amazon.

Safe Catch Mackarel

Safe Catch reportedly makes the first 100 percent mercury tested tuna that is gluten-free, Certified Paleo and Non-GMO. It is also said to be the only brand to test every fish for mercury. The brand has notably produced Wild Salmon and Wild Sarines offerings, also packed and sold in resealed bags. Its Wild Mackerel, both skinless and boneless, is its newest offering. Over 4,000 mg of Omega-3’s can be expected per serving. A 6-pack of the Wild Mackarel is currnetly priced at $21.99 via Amazon. Safe Catch also uniquely offers pouch and can-based subscriptions for its additive-free, purely-fish, recipe-ready product.

Xica Jicama

Jicama — from Nahuatl XÍCAMATL, Mexican yam bean or Mexican turnip — is the name of a native Mexican vine, although the name most commonly refers to the plant’s edible tuberous root. The root’s exterior is light brown and papery, while its inside is creamy white with a crisp texture that resembles raw potato or pear. Its flavor is sweet and starchy, reminiscent of some apples or raw green beans, and it is usually eaten raw with a wide variety of condiments like lime juice or chili powder. It can be cut into thin wedges and dipped in salsa. In Mexico, it is popular in salads, fresh fruit combinations, fruit bars, soups, and other cooked dishes alike.

Xica takes that very natural offering and produces it as spears, tortillas, taco shells, chips and combinations of these items. In other words, thanks to Xica, you can eat jicama and get all of its benefits within the form of comfort foods. The brand’s “chips” with guacamole combo was absolutely a welcome surprise, as was its combo with hummus.

Jinka Vegan Tuna Spread

Featuring 14 grams of plant-based protein, zero cholesterol or trans fats, and a healthy dose of Omega 3 all at once, Jinka is a ready-to-eat, convenient and sustainable offering. Jinka started as an educational purpose for a non-profit organization but the spread quickly turned into a passion project to bring a delicious, healthy and high-protein alternative to fans of tuna salad. In turn, Jinka is a convenient, ready-to-eat spread that is the perfect companion to any recipe you create. Choose from 3 flavors: Original, Lemon & Dill and Spicy; the latter of the 3 is a mixture of paprika, cayenne, and cumin in each hot bite. Jinka is available via select Whole Foods stores and directly via

Soom Foods

Growing up, the three “Soom Sisters” — Shelby, Jackie, and Amy — knew what tahini was from eating hummus and seeing the dusty old cans of it in the back of their kitchen pantry. The Soom brand started almost 10 years ago when Shelby was visiting Jackie and her husband in Israel. They stopped by Jackie’s in-law’s, nestled along the Mediterranean Sea. After an amazing meal, Jackie’s mother-in-law served an unforgettable carrot cake. It was so moist and flavorful that Shelby had to know the secret. It turns out, the carrot cake was made using tahini. In 2013, Soom Foods, a certified women-owned company, was born.

Its Pantry Sampler, priced at $26.99, is a bundle offering easy access to all of Soom’s nutritious, delicious, and versatile products. The Soom Pantry Sampler Pack includes an 11 oz. Soom Tahini, a 12 oz. Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini, and a 12.3 oz. Soom Silan Date Syrup. Use it in dressing, marinades, sauces, dips, spreads, soups, smoothies, desserts and breakfast items alike.

French’s x Tom Colicchio

French’s was first introduced to the hot dog — and the public — at the World’s Fair in 1904. Through the years, French’s has become a staple from the ballpark to the backyard to the holiday table. French’s family of products includes Classic Yellow Mustard, Tomato Ketchup, Worcestershire Sauce and Crispy Fried Onions.

Earlier this month, French’s hosted a MustSwitch sandwich and pop-up event, encouraging people to make the healthy switch by reaching for French’s Classic Yellow Mustard as their go-to condiment of choice. French’s partnered with five-time James Beard award-winning chef and restaurateur Tom Colicchio and his restaurant CRAFT NYC to create the MustSwitch sandwich and make it available to consumers nationwide. As part of such, attendees either traded in their jars of mayonnaise or take the MustSwitch pledge as payment for a MustSwitch sandwich while supplies lasted; unopened jars of mayonnaise received at the pop-up were donated to local NYC food banks.

As an added bonus to this successful campaign, Colicchio created a French’s mustard-braised steak sandwich, which can find the recipe for here.

Meat District

Meat District is the branded label of the Golden West Food Group’s premium, butcher-crafted burger. In turn, from Meat District you can expect, top-notch, premium-crafted, high-quality, whole-muscle meat cuts straight from folks that really know meat. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2021, Meat District had launched Paddy’s Uncured Angus Corned Beef Brisket, as sold at Trader Joe’s stores nationwide. Ready-to-cook deliciousness, it can be easily prepared in the microwave or stovetop, as paired with potatoes and cabbage piled mile high.

Year-round, Meat District has “Party Wings” on the market. These great chicken wings come in the following offerings: “Sweet & Sassy, Lemon Herb,” “Beer Brined,” and “Zesty Ranch.” You can find said wings and other fine products of Meat District all over the place.

4505 Fried Pork Rinds

Meaty, crunchy and cheesy have finally come together in one keto-friendly snack: 4505 Fried Pork Rinds. Its latest offering is the Cheese-Charrones, the first-ever snack mix from 4505 Meats. The mouth-watering blend includes bite-sized pieces of 4505’s Chicharrones and Cracklins along with Whisps Cheese Crisps, as made from 100 percent cheddar. This unique combination gives the mix a fun texture but also ultimate snackability.

In general, 4505 Fried Pork Rinds are one of my go-to snacking options when I am following WW points, as a whole bag of most of the rind flavors is fewer points as a slice of pizza, half of a pint of regular ice cream, or just about any sort of indulgent snack.

Top Seedz

Top Seedz’s handmade crackers aim to be the “chameleon of crackers” as they can be served with anything, yet they are filled with wholesome ingredients and yummy seeds that have a slew of good-for-you benefits. Created upon the belief that “good food equals good performance,” Top Seedz are gluten-free and vegan, and are made from pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and flax seeds. Top Seedz has 5 delicious flavors on the market, including 6 Seed, Sea Salt, Rosemary, Cumin and Magic Maple Roasted Seeds. A smart snack-related offering to have around.

Post Ice Cream

PEBBLES and Honeycomb cereals are now even easier to snack on as Post recently announced the launch of new Post PEBBLES Crisps and Post Honeycomb Big Bites. The new PEBBLES Crisps are about the same size as a potato chip, and the new Honeycomb Big Bites are about twice the size of the unique Honeycomb cereal shape, ideal for dipping, dunking, popping and packing. They both deliver the same great taste as their iconic cereal counterparts and are available in easy multi-serve, shareable packages in 4 varieties: Fruity PEBBLES Crisps, Cocoa PEBBLES Crisps, Honeycomb Big Bites, and Chocolate Honeycomb Big Bites. The launch of the new PEBBLES Crisps coincides with PEBBLES cereal’s 50th anniversary this year, and to celebrate this delicious milestone, the brand is extending into new categories, including through partnerships with other brands such as the recently announced International Delight coffee creamers and Duncan Hines baking kits. Post PEBBLES Crisps and Post Honeycomb Big Bites are available at a suggested retail price of $3.99 for a 6-ounce pouch at grocery stores nationwide.

But more to my liking… PEBBLES light ice cream hit the freezer aisle last month. The new Fruity PEBBLES light ice cream features a fruity cereal milk light ice cream with rice cereal bits coated in colorful fruity flavors and a fruity swirl. Cocoa PEBBLES light ice cream is made with both chocolate and cereal milk light ice creams swirled together with chocolatey rice cereal pieces. Both new PEBBLES light ice creams will be available at a suggested retail price of $5.99 for a 48-ounce container. Additionally, Fruity PEBBLES light ice cream will be available in a 14-ounce container for $2.99.

DEUX Cookie Dough

DEUX is an enhanced, plant-based cookie dough, as suped-up with functional properties. Its Peanut Butter x Protein dough is infused with peanut butter and pea protein with 8 grams of protein per 2 cookies. Thus, DEUX’s dough is simultaneously a great post-workout snack and a late night dessert. DEUX is vegan, gluten-free and — fortunately — 100 percent safe to eat right out of the jar.

Kuli Kuli SuperBark

I first learned about Kuli Kuli after it showcased at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in New York. The Oakland, California-based brand was founded in 2011, and reportedly was the first company to introduce Moringa oleifera — a nutritious plant food — to the United States market. Beyond its Moringa Bars, which are available in the Crunchy Almond, Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate flavors, Kuli Kuli also then produced the smoothie-friendly Pure Moringa Vegetable Powder.

Kuli Kuli most recently launched its delicious dark chocolate SuperBark, as containing 5 superfoods, only 1 gram of sugar, and 3 to 5 grams of net carbs per serving. It was launched with a feature on the Kuli Kuli website that allowed customers to send handwritten Valentine’s Day cards to show socially-distant love to friends and family. As if “nutritious yet delicious” alone was not a key goal for you, all of Kuli Kuli’s products continue to support small women farmers and plant trees.

Wilde Chips

Wilde Chips are made from 100 percent all-natural chicken breast, have 10 grams of protein and come in 6 crave-worthy flavors and are made with just a few simple ingredients. Thus, they are simultaneously crispy, paleo-friendly, gluten-free and grain-free. If you did not tell a person trying them for the first time that they were not eating traditional potato chips, they may never know the difference. Thus, Wilde Chips can help form great dietary havits with minimal effort.

Just sittin' here taking a snow day. ❄☃😜 We are excited for warmer days ahead though! We'll take sun and the beach over…

Posted by Sattva Vida on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Sattva Vida

Sattva Vida is a New York-based company reportedly on a mission to make healthy snacking easy and delicious. The company was born when founder Karen Lauterstein stepped away from a demanding corporate career, spent time at an ashram and rediscovered the importance of nourishing one’s mind, body and soul. As Sattva Vida means “Pure Life,” all of Sattva Vida’s products are vegan, gluten-free and made with a short list of whole, nutrient-dense ingredients.

Whether you are “on the go” at work, school, working out or traveling, Sattva Vida’s energy bites ought to elevate your snacking to the next level. Discovered in an ashram, the energy bites’ recipe was brought back to offer everyone the opportunity to get energy from pure source. These delicious snacks are made with natural ingredients that are free of added sugar yetincredibly delicious. Its flavor offerings are Off The Walnut, Key Lime Love, Cocoa Craze. Chia Crunch and Peanut Envy Energy Bites, as priced at $8.00 for a 5-pack.

Seattle Chocolate Company

The Seattle Chocolate Company began in 1991, creating signature meltaway truffles and truffle bars in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. When the original factory was destroyed by the Nisqually Earthquake in 2001, entrepreneur and mother Jean Thompson was an investor in the company. Never one to turn down a challenge, Jean stepped up as owner and CEO of Seattle Chocolate in 2002, learning quickly along the way and creating a fresh new look for the chocolate category.

Its Double Chocolate Trail Mix Truffle Bar is filled with the classic and beloved flavors of the traditional road trip snack. Tart dried cranberries, almonds and peanuts are mixed into a milk chocolate center, and enveloped in a rich dark chocolate shell for an easily packable and shareable snack. Just in time for Easter, the Seattle Chocolate Company has launched a Happy Easter Basket — priced at $29.00 and back for its second year — as featuring a chocolate bunny, a carrot cake truffle bar and a sprinkling of 2-bite truffles. For more year-round fare, you can try the company’s Brighten Someone’s Day Care Package, which includes 3 and a 12 oz. Spring Truffle Bag.


Dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and other allergy-friendly treats are not always easy to come by, but Flax4Life is adding moist and perfectly-flavorful baked goods to the market. Packed with Omega-3’s, fiber and lignans — yet made without preservatives, hydrogenated fat, cholesterol or trans fats — you will forget that you are actually snacking the healthy way when trying your first Flax4Life cookie. The Apple Pie flavored cookies was my favorite from the batch I tried, and I look forward to having more from Flax4Life again soon.

Delysia Chocolatier

Delysia Chocolatier is an award-winning artisan chocolate company based in Austin, Texas. Chef, owner and chocolatier Nicole Patel — named a 2020 Top Chocolatier in the Americas — handcrafts its creations with the care and attention people savor in every flavorful bite. Delysia Chocolatier uses only the finest quality chocolate from sustainable sources and freshest ingredients to create something unique, something memorable, something remarkable.

Its new “Taste Of The South” chocolate truffle collection creates nostalgia with a luxurious 9-piece assortment that captures the unique flavors of a southern meal in chocolate, complete with drinks, side dishes, entrees, and dessert. Taking inspiration from beloved foods from Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, the Carolinas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, Delysia Chocolatier has assembled an assortment of flavors that conjure down-home cooking for generations of southerners. By mixing sweet, salty, and savory ingredients, the chocolatier has emulated dishes that have become classic symbols of the American South. In turn, you will find a Sweet Tea Vodka Chocolate Truffle besides a Cajun Fried Chicken Chocolate Truffle within the “Taste Of The South” set. Something that all chocolate-lovers should absolutely experience once, at the very least.

Eastern Standard Provisions

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. — as known to be a favorite of legendary Chicago broadcaster Oprah Winfrey — is a popular Boston-based gourmet snack brand that ships its hand-twisted pretzels and artisanal salts right to your door. Each of its pretzels is crafted by hand with the finest, all-natural ingredients. All of the pretzels arrive fresh via mail, meaning all the customer needs to do is heat and eat them. The individually-wrapped pretzels are also perfect for freezing, giving the customer an option to enjoy them one-by-one over time.

Under the guidance of well-known restaurateur Garrett Harker and head baker Lauren Moran, Eastern Standard Provisions recently launched a “You Lucked Out” Gourmet Soft Pretzel Pack, as priced at $29.99. The set includes 4 signature Wheelhouse soft pretzels, 12 Turnbuckle gourmet soft pretzel sticks, 1 Chili Lime salt pack, 1 Medium grain pretzel salt pack, and a fun collectible “You Lucked Out” sticker. The pretzels arrive ready to be baked and enjoyed hot, or can be popped in the freezer to be enjoyed later. But believe you me, the pretzels alone are worth the cost of this set.

Safe + Fair Popcorn

Delicious, interesting and simple, I had the pleasure of tyring some of the new vegan and gluten-free breakfast-inspired popcorns from Safe + Fair, which are undeniably-snackable at any time of the day. Full Stack was inspired by pancakes and is made with real maple syrup to create a sweet, buttery taste that will remind you of family brunches in the country. Vanilla Latte is made with 100 percent Columbian coffee for a caffeinated crunch. Not only were Safe + Fair’s Drizzled Popcorns wonderful on the tastebuds, but they are also totally allergen-free so you can snack without concern. All of the brand’s products reportedly go through a rigorous 16-step safety check before hitting shelves, so you know you are getting a quality-oriented product.

Don Pablo Coffee

Don Pablo Coffee is a world-class grower and roaster of specialty grade, small-batch roasted-to-order coffees sourced from the world’s best coffee-growing regions and delivered throughout the world. If you are new to the brand, it is worth checking out Dob Pablo Coffee’s Specialty Coffee Sampler Box, as featuring 3 of Don Pablo Coffee’s best-selling beans packaged in a beautiful gift box with custom-printed graphics and info on each specialty coffee inside.

Keep checking the Don Pablo Coffee website for specials and promotions. For St. Patrick’s Day, as an example, there was a 20% off discount offering for the brand’s Bourbon Infused Coffeewith the discount code “LUCKY.”


Electrolit manufactures a scientifically-formulated premium hydration beverage that replenishes the body after physical activity, intense heat, hangovers and/or sickness. Formulated with magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium glucose and sodium lactate plus 6 ions for electrolyte absorption, Electrolit aids in recovery of the hydro electrolytic imbalance, fulfilling metabolic and hydration needs. Available in 9 delicious flavors, Electrolit is currently offered in national, grocery, convenience and online channels across the nation, including Walmart, Kroger, HEB and 7-11.

Earlier this month, Electrolit announced the launch of its Zero line in response to growing consumer demand for lower calorie, lower sugar functional beverages. Electrolit Zero will fill store shelves across the U.S. this month in 3 flavors: Berry Blast, Lemon Breeze and Fruit Punch Splash.

Sfoglini Pasta

The initial idea for creating a new pasta shape came from Sporkful creator and host Dan Pashman, who podcast listeners follow for his passionate and idiosyncratic approach to food. With no professional training as a chef, Pashman created The Sporkful “for eaters, not for foodies,” a tagline that directly informs the podcast’s unpretentious take on food culture. Since launching 11 years ago as one of the first food podcasts, The Sporkful has received numerous accolades including a James Beard Award, Webby Award, and Saveur Award for Best Food Podcast, and continues to be one of the most popular food podcasts today. Notable guests over the years have included Rachel Maddow, David Chang, Samin Nosrat, Nigella Lawson, Alton Brown, Carla Hall, Rosie Perez, Jim Gaffigan, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Kwame Onwuachi, and W. Kamau Bell.

Throughout the month of March, The Sporkful is airing its new five-episode “Mission: ImPASTABLE” series, which chronicles Pashman’s quest to invent a new pasta shape, actually get it made, and actually sell it. Through the series, Pashman takes listeners on a journey that includes a heated debate on pasta shapes with respected food experts Francis Lam (host of APM’s The Splendid Table) and Evan Kleiman (host of KCRW’s Good Food), a trip to The Pasta Lab at North Dakota State University — where there is a machine that measures the bite force required to eat different pastas — and a conversation with the elusive Giovanni Cannata, the only pasta die maker working in America today. Thus, via The Sporkful podcast and beloved American pasta maker Sfoglini, a new pasta shape has been invented.

Project 7 Candy

It is no secret that sugar is public enemy #1 when it comes to being healthy. Unfortunately there is no shortage of options on the market that claim to have less sugar. But the problem is two-fold — many of those offerings taste unpleasant and are loaded with questionable ingredients that turn joyful moments into regret. Project 7 is there to offer a balance between making healthier choices while still enjoying the fun things in life, like candy. Through time-tested favorites like gummy bears, lollipops, and more, Project 7 gives you the mouth-watering, whimsical treats you crave with considerably less sugar and the cleanest plant-based ingredients.

The latest offering from Project 7 which I have tried are its Sour Worms, which feature just 3 grams of sugar and 6 net carbs per bag. No artificial sweeteners, no food coloring and no preservatives are part of these worms, which clock in at a low 60 calories per bag. Good enough to eat 7 days a week!

Casamara Club

Casamara Club offers a refreshing line of non-alcoholic, amaro club sodas available nationwide. Pulling inspiration from the rich history of Italian amaro, Casamara Club combines the depth of Italian aperitivo and digestivo with the lightness of a refreshing soda and bitters. Each Casamara Club soft drink — there are 4 flavors on the market — is made with minimal ingredients, specifically sparkling water, amaro bitters, herbs and spices. Thus, these drinks can make for a great non-alcoholic soft drink, a digestive and also a mixer for an alcoholic beverage. Each bottle has 15 calories and only 4 grams of sugar.


Last but definitely not least… It’s NOLA’s bites are a delicious snack that lets you enjoy the yummy taste of granola without the annoying crumbs. Founder and college professor Margaret Barrow discovered a unique way to turn the granola she loved into luscious, compact balls for a mess-free, on-the-go snack. After sharing her snack creation with her fellow colleagues and students, their overwhelming support led to the birth of It’s NOLA. Every bite is made with organic, gluten-free oats, nuts, dried fruits, spices and seed proteins, as produced in small batches. Its offerings are vegan, gluten-free and naturally-low in sugar, as available in 3 flavors: Luscious Cranberry Coconut, Sassy Mango Masala, and Dark Decadent Chewy Chocolate. Top-notch quality product aside, It’s NOLA is a certified minority and women-owned business based in Brooklyn, New York.

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