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Published on March 29th, 2021 | by Kamil Kwiatkowski


Mysterious Duo Pushing Daizies Releases Feel-Good House Single “Our Love” Out Now on Dim Mak

Pushing Daizies brings the romance and a new sound on their single “Our Love,” which sees the enigmatic duo continue to evolve their sonic prowess. The track opens with distorted vocals and upbeat melodies that progress into a groovy bassline, creating an overall vibe that feels positive and hopeful – like falling in love for the first time. “Our Love” follows Pushing Daizies‘ recent original single “Dreams” featuring Kelsey Ray and their euphonious remix of Bear GrillzAdventure Club & JT Roach‘s “Where We Are,” both released on Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak. While their previous tracks span more of the melodic bass realm, Pushing Daizies proves that their style is anything but static, pulling listeners in via a new buzzing house record. With six releases already under their belt since launching in January, the mysterious duo promises more new music to drop soon.

Pushing Daizies is the pseudonym of two US-based dance music producers joining forces. The enigmatic duo makes groovy, bass-heavy, electronic dance music that creates an emotional roller coaster, pulling at the heartstrings of its listeners. The project, which initially began as multiple collaborations between the two artists, transpired as their synergy saw no end in sight. “Once we found our rhythm, we knew we had something special. It was bigger than just a few singles. I guess you could say that the project was an accident in the greatest way possible,” said one of the producers. The term “pushing daisies” refers to the flowers that grow over a burial plot when someone dies, which is symbolic of the cycles of life and death, light and dark. Said differently, when someone dies, life is created.

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