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Billboard-Charting Reggae Rising Star Joe Sambo Serves Up Savory Grooves to Feed the Dance-Starved Masses w/ New Single “Beef” on LAW Records

After a year of quarantine characterized by silent live-music venues, empty dancefloors, and debauch-less nights, people everywhere are collectively fever-dreaming of a day in the not-so-distant-future when they can get together and have some fun again — envisioning themselves out dancing with friends, uninhibited, to some luscious, surging groove.

Billboard Chart-topper and emerging East Coast reggae star Joe Sambo delivers the soundtrack to that socially distant daydream with his new single “Beef” (out now on LAW Records). “Beef” is the anthem for that ethereal party you’ve been having in your head for the past year, with a hook so deliciously danceable it is a thing of sustenance and should rightly be canned like a savory Spam for the rhythm-starved masses.

If you want to dance, now’s your chance…

“I’d had this melody and chorus stuck in my head literally for like two years,” says Joe, “and I knew the hook was catchy as fuck, and it was just a matter of building it from there with a solid bassline. The concept behind “Beef” eventually became this whimsical idea of a delicious house-made groove that’s so tasty everyone can eat and enjoy it like a staple canned good. Even the vegans can enjoy a can of Beef; no problem! It’s something that feels so good anybody could vibe with and move to it, no matter what walk of life you are from; the only goal was to make people move and want to listen to it …or eat it.”

The newest addition to a scrupulously curated LAW Records roster, Joe Sambo currently resides in the muse-worthy musical paradise of Key West, FL. Yet, he originally hails from the small town of Salem, New Hampshire, where he started playing music as a young kid and first made a name for himself in New Hampshire’s metal hardcore scene with a band called Spies Like Us. After learning the ropes of touring and the whole music world with his first working band, Joe Sambo took those stylistic influences and went on to pursue his own more reggae-tinged solo work — and he has now been tearing up the reggae charts since April of 2019. Impressively, his self-released 2019 album The Wrong Impression debuted at Number 1 on the Reggae Billboard Chart not long before he was awarded Male Artist of the year at The New England Music Awards.

Following the success of his first album, Sambo was contacted by LAW Records head Paul Millbury, who asked him to contribute to the label’s The House That Bradley Built compilation, a 55-song acoustic collection of tracks celebrating the work and influences of Bradley James Nowell. From there, LAW went on to sign Joe in support of his next project.

“Everything immediately just kind of vibed really well with LAW,” says Joe. “LAW is very hands-on and organic in how real and upfront they are, how they communicate. They let you have the freedom to be as creative as you want, and they’re there to help artists they believe can do some cool shit. We work really well together and this single is a testament to that synergy and a taste of what’s to come.”

“Beef” is Joe Sambo’s first single in advance of his sophomore album (out later this year via LAW Records) and features Quincy Medaglia on lead guitar, Mark King on bass, Greg Nectow on keyboards, Alex Brander on drums, Andrew Riordan on saxophone, and Billy Kottage on trombone. The track was recorded at New Hampshire’s Revelry Studios, was engineered by Matt Blanchette, and mastered by Jay Frigoletto of Metronome Studios.

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