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Black Beauty Entrepreneur Bella Rose Expands Skin Care Line into Walmart and Target

Award-winning beauty and skin care mogul Bella Rose recently announced the major retail expansion of her Bella Rose Passion Skin Care Collection, nationwide into and Bella Rose was nominated by Boss Magazine as one of the Top Atlanta Women To Watch in the Beauty Industry, and has also been seen with her Bella Rose Artistry Staff on The Steve Harvey Television Show.

Bella Rose Passion Cosmetics have been featured on many Celebrity faces and in shows such as R&B Divas Atlanta, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Starz Original “POWER” and various music artist. Bella’s success previously landed her a small supporting role on the Bravo series, “The New Atlanta,” in 2013. Shortly after she began producing her own reality TV show she solely created “ MUA of Atlanta “ which piqued the interest of many producers for Television Networks.

Founded in 2014, her company Bella Rose Artistry Agency now employs a dozen professional makeup artists. Committed to community involvement, Bella has sponsored and collaborated on more than 100 events and entities in Atlanta G.A., South Carolina, North Carolina, and New York. Dealing with high blood pressure while caring for her mother who has survived a Brain Aneurysm, Bella wanted to do more to make a difference. Bella is now partnered with the Brain Aneurysm Foundation to bring awareness to young ladies of different ethnicity.

The Hype Magazine recently sat down to pull back the veil on Bella Rose’s many accomplishments as a Black woman, and find out what’s behind her success journey:

How has the Entrepreneur journey been so far?

Bella Rose: My entrepreneur journey has been interesting and surprising, I have enjoyed most of it.

What have been some obstacles as a business owner?

Bella Rose: There are new obstacles daily as a business owner, but the biggest obstacle is to get people to recognize that our brand has elevated and there are protocols to follow.

What is it about running a business that brings you the most joy?

Bella Rose: I get the most joy running my business when I see the growth that I have only dreamed of. It’s really a dream come true.

Please tell us about your products?

Bella Rose: Bella Rose Passion Products are all-natural and known to heal dry skin, eczema, and more skin irritations. We noticed a difference in our skin using our mixture of butters and oils that help increase elasticity and also gave our skin a healthy glow.

What type of feedback do you receive from clients?

Bella Rose: We enjoy the customers posting their results, and reviews on social media but the best feedback is when we see one of our supporters and they tell us how much our products have helped them or someone they purchased it for in a major way. Seeing the results blows my mind all the time.

You are a New Jersey native, what brought you to Atlanta?

Bella Rose: We moved to Atlanta because I was visiting for an event while I was 5 months pregnant. We stayed with a friend and I was so comfortable. I went home and told my husband we’re moving to Atlanta and he agreed so when our baby was 2 months old we relocated with nothing but the money in our bank account.

Bella Rose Passion Cosmetics has been featured on Starz’s hit TV show Power, The Real House Wives of Atlanta, and more. How did these amazing opportunities come about?

Bella Rose: I had a publicist that helped get our products featured with a few of The Housewives, and Love & Hip Hop cast but I would also research certain people and look for their contact information and send emails.

I would also meet so many actresses at events and they would love the products and post on their social media about the results.

That is what caught the attention of the Steve Harvey producers and they requested us to have an entire segment on the show.

Let’s chat about Walmart and Congratulations on this epic accomplishment of having your products in their stores. What can consumers expect to see from Bella Rose Passion?

Bella Rose: Bella Rose Passion is just getting started with retail, I did a vision board to map my goals and take my time for the challenge.

We have been submitting with Target for 3 years and when we finally got the acceptance, it was unbelievable.

We are focusing on getting more SKUs into retail and also pursuing getting into stores around the world.

Please tell us about your partnership with the Brain Aneurysm Foundation?

Bella Rose: We partnered with Brain Aneurysm of Atlanta in Emory because my mother had a brain aneurysm in 2013. We almost lost her and I wanted to educate myself more about aneurysms so I can know how to care for her and possibly myself if anything was to happen.

When I contacted the Atlanta Brain Aneurysm and told them my story they were so supportive and offered me so much education. I was able to share that education with others and also honor my mother for becoming a survivor.

What else are you currently working on?

Bella Rose: I am currently only focused on getting our products into as many Target stores as possible.

Any Bella Rose Passion Spring time recommendations, or sales you would like to share with us?

Bella Rose: We recommend our Lemon Turmeric collection for the spring and summer months as our skin is going to be in the sun a lot more.

Our ingredients assist and aid with sunburn and has healthy antioxidants that the skin needs.

Also, please hit your app and show your support by searching Bella Rose Passion.

What advice would you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Bella Rose: I advise aspiring entrepreneurs to have patience and a marketing budget.

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