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Icon: Mr. Marcus Sets Goal To Become The Snoop Dogg of The Adult Film Industry

Mr. Marcus reveals the benefits as well as the ill-effects of being in the porn industry.

Born Jesse Spencer, but known to the world as Mr. Marcus, quickly became an adult film industry icon. His patented and present fitted cap during sex scenes while leaving his socks on became his calling card in the industry. Mr. Marcus was also one of the first male porn stars to cross over into the hip-hop world when his services were called upon for several music videos and hip-hop events. With nearly 2,000 film credits, he reached iconic status within the industry. Moving forward, he uses his voice to make others aware of the pros and cons of the industry while setting his sights on making his mark behind the scenes and possibly as a consultant. Mr. Marcus hasn’t completely ruled out getting on camera again for scenes.

Mr. Marcus pulls no punches when discussing his careers ups and downs with The Hype Magazine in this must-read exclusive.

You told me your goal is to be the Adult Film Industry version of Snoop Dogg. What does that mean?

Mr. Marcus: He just has style. He’s creative. He’s collaborative. He’s constantly taking someone’s ideas and making it his own. And I think that’s an idea that we can all tap into. This generation I see now has really tapped into it. There’s no conformity. There is no need to look like, dance like, act like anyone anymore.

You said you didn’t even know what trendsetter meant and people were calling you that. It had to be because you were in the moment because you were one of the first porn stars that cats were putting in rap videos.

Mr. Marcus: I still have moments where it’s like, “Damn, I did that?” It’s who you are. People catch on to that and like that, I borrow all the time, but I make it my own. I’m happier that way. You’re happier when you get to be yourself. It gets me in some trouble (laughing).

When I saw Mr. Marcus was married, I remember thinking, “Damn!” Who could settle him down (laughing)?

Mr. Marcus: She was and still is the rock, man. She is firmly planted and wise. Our fights were like any other fights, you know what I mean. I didn’t bring the porn around her. She didn’t want to be around it. I had this naïve idea that it was all going to be beautiful in the end (laughing). For the record, I’m not married anymore, we got divorced. It’s reality. I truly had this naïve image of how life would be. But she’s still one of the strongest people I know, man. I got her back and she got my back. She might bitch about it, but she’s still down for me.

I know you didn’t bring the porn to her, but you weren’t getting approached by females when you were with her?

Mr. Marcus: COVID, I haven’t really been out like that. The problem is, when I come around, people always say, “Do you know who he is? He is a porn star.” So, depends on who is in the conversation, but it always puts me on the spot. I adapt to it but I’d rather not because you just never know. I may be talking to people who are cool as fuck and they don’t know shit about the porno shit. Not even thinking about it. We could just talk freely. It’s not about me saying, “Hey, guess what guys, porn star is in the room. You see my dick?” (Laughing)!

Do you ever get used to just being on camera naked?

Mr. Marcus: The key is to not even be aware of the camera. They key is to acknowledge the camera, but you and the camera got an agreement, you won’t talk to it and it won’t talk to you. My focus on things is way better because of porn. If I just stay focused on her.

You have lived a full life, brother.

Mr. Marcus: There is a big story about porn. I was curious about it and people still are, but the fact that it has a taboo sexual element, something that we all at some point experienced. Excessively, not enough for some, bad experiences, good experiences, we have all experienced it. Everyone has a different description for it, but we all have it.

There was a time when waiting for the next, “Booty Talk” DVD was a thing. Now, with the internet, it’s like music in a lot of ways, you don’t wait for that CD anymore, because it is all online. Do you think the internet helped or hurt the porn business?

Mr. Marcus: “Booty Talk,” we should all be grateful for “Booty Talk.” There should be like “The Booty Talk Awards!” “Booty Talk” definitely pushed the industry forward. If it wasn’t for that series, you would’ve missed out on so many genuine acts. I still see “Booty Talk” scenes pop up on my timeline. I’m gonna be real with you, man, those were some of my best days. The producer would be like, “Marcus, are you available today? I might have something around 11:00.” I be like, “Alright, let me know.” He will hit me at like 10:00 am, “Yo, I got something set up. Be here at noon.” I be like, “Alright cool!” Man, I would show up, she be all ready to roll, man.

I didn’t know it went down like that. I thought you would get 2 months’ notice to show up and know the girl’s names. Producers would call you the day of. Wow!

Mr. Marcus: It used to be like that. Well, it was never 2-months. Porn is… they call them ‘One-Day-Wonders.’ They could shoot an entire movie in one-day. But it’s just people having sex and if you have a solid… I’m giving you secrets right now. If you have a solid camera, who really knows what he doing, doesn’t get in the way, and you have two people who really want to be together, fuck each other, then really, there’s no work to be done. You let what happens naturally happen. It’s almost like you’re filming a wildlife video (laughing). “Watch these two animals’ mate, unnecessarily again and again.”

Was there ever a female porn star that you wanted to shoot with, and you never got the opportunity?

Mr. Marcus: Ah man, too many to name. I was a consumer. I was a connoisseur. Being with women in that environment, which is a work environment, but also having the opportunity to have the best of both worlds and to work with someone that was just capable of what you were. So, when you guys did it, it was just something you had to witness, and you did. Those scenes are what make all of that worth it. You would always want to see who you could do those types of scenes with. And there were always new girls coming into the industry. So, you were always looking for… and I think women were doing the same thing. They are looking for a formidable partner.

Racism in porn, does it exist? You ever had a woman not want to do a scene with you because you are black?

Mr. Marcus: Oh yeah, of course! I don’t know if they were unaware or just didn’t give a damn, but they would be like, “No offense, but you guys have really big…” They always blamed it on the penis size. And I’d be like, “Well, there’s some white guys running around here who has been hanging with some brother’s so now what?”

What does your fanbase look like?

Mr. Marcus: I meet old men and young men that come up to me. I don’t know where you find this shxt at. I didn’t find porn until I was 16. So, I’m assuming now because of the cell phones, they are finding it way earlier now. I always wondered; did I do that? Was I a part of that? Knowing I was and am, a part of the positive messages. Because porn has its ill-effects. I benefitted from it, but it has always a question of how this affects us, those who were not prepared for it. I’d be interested in talking with people who wanted to have a conversation about it.

I know you benefitted from it, but do you ever have regrets being a porn star?

Mr. Marcus: Nah! There are things I would’ve done differently or better hindsight. Hopefully, I learned from that, whatever it is I thought I did wrong. I think the one thing that you feel is a mistake or regret, did you learn from it.

If Mr. Marcus didn’t become an iconic figure in the porn industry, what would he pursued instead?

Mr. Marcus: You know truthfully, I’m quick to answer this one, I would love to be in films. An actor without an explicit pornography past. I’m comfortable and happy on set and creating characters and having fun in front of the camera. I like telling stories, I like hearing stories. I love traveling, I love movies, I love people. I love film making. I take pictures and videos all day long of things. I’m learning how to edit now. I would’ve gone into acting and music.

You think your porn career hinders that now because it’s not too late. Or do you think people will always see you as Mr. Marcus instead of… I don’t know, John The Policeman.

Mr. Marcus: (Laughing). I had multiple goals since I’ve been in this industry. The more I’ve been around the more I’ve learned about things and what I’m capable of doing consistently. I just feel at this point now, I just want to build something that benefits others and it’s possible. I don’t think it hinders it anymore. The internet and technology proves it. The conversations we have, the way we react to stories, all of these things that we have been re-learning… like we said earlier, I don’t think you have to be a certain way anymore. You just be whatever. In hindsight, I always seen myself as an actor, willing to do any roles. I feel like maybe there is still a chance that I can do something that’s dope and not stereotyped. It’s still unseen. The future is whatever we want it to be. There are some things in the works, I’ll put it that way.

Now, that you understand you are a trendsetter, looking back at your career, what is that like to understand that you were one of the icons and set the tone for so many?

Mr. Marcus: I mean, it was mutual. It’s still mutual. I had a love for rap and hip-hop and they had a love for the movies. They had a love for the females. I used to hear about cats going in the studios watching pornos and writing there music to it. They were inspired… I know I was (laughing). They saw the inspiration.

I’m sure you have answered this question a million times but leaving your hat and socks on during sex became your signature thing. How did that become a thing?

Mr. Marcus: It wasn’t even like a thing. The hat is a consistent thing. I like the hat. The hat is how Jesse and Marcus come together. That’s crazy, I never thought about that until I just said that. I’ve had to kind of live the duality. I wasn’t trying to get to that point, but I had to. And they both look like me (laughing).

Would you say it’s hard being a porn star?

Mr. Marcus: No! It comes with its perks because of the experience. It can be seen in other ways. But if you enjoy filmmaking, sex, the freedom of it, and you just enjoy the opposite sex… and I say enjoy because not everybody does. And I have been there where I didn’t enjoy the sex. I was in a miserable place. It happens. It’s funny because I feel like that until I get the BJ and then I’m like, “Hey!”

You have never been tight lipped about your situation of contracting syphilis and that did a number on your career. You did jail time over that. Why so open about it?

Mr. Marcus: Yeah, it shed light on deeper… it was a combination of my life in the movies and my life outside the movies. I always said, you gotta take the bad with the good. It was really revealing. Because you have social media that takes stories and really kind of spins them out of control. Cats like to bandwagon. And here you are, you know a lot of people, you’re in circles, you’re dealing with things and to be honest with you, the root, it was reflective from Darren James went through his issue with HIV a few years earlier. And that was so public. It was really just disrespectful to his privacy, to his world. He didn’t ask for that. His medical records should’ve been kept private. His family found out from the news. It really devastated him. I saw all of that. I talked to him and being a guy that’s been in the business a long time, I’ve seen a lot of shit. It was all messed up.

But our industry was going through growing pains. Our testing system wasn’t nowhere what it is now. They didn’t test for STD’s. We didn’t test for syphilis. It wasn’t a requirement. For the first 6-years that I was in the business, the only thing that was required was HIV testing. No one even did a full STD test. So, all of these things came because there have been unions organized. Technology has helped us keep better track of people’s test and their medical history. With partners, there is an agreement between two performers. First off, they are over the age of 18, and that they willingly of clear mind choose to participate in this pornographic film. Part of that agreement is the test. And people are testing consistently and when you work with someone, their tests are clean. And You are stating the same. All of those things have evolved over the decades. The last twenty years. It’s become more corporate. And because of the child trafficking laws, they have a lot to comply to.

Lastly, I know you want to be behind the scenes and in a consulting type of role, but will we ever see you in another film?

Mr. Marcus: Man… I’m still a freaky horny type of guy. My boys say I’m a lot wiser and older now. I just want to get back to filmmaking. If I’m required to do a sex scene, then I’m going to give the best sex scene ever!


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