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Published on April 23rd, 2021 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


Producer loe4t Signs Publishing Deal With BeatStars/SonyMusic

Producer loe4T recently signs publishing deal with BeatStars/SonyMusic. The Queens artist put out his first official track in 2019 and is finally gaining the recognition he deserves. After grinding for years, loe4t’s hard work has finally paid off. This partnership will lead to many future placements starting in summer 2021. The world isn’t ready to see or hear what loe4t’s got in store.

loe4t was born in Jackson Heights, New York to a lawyer father and professor mother. loe4t was blessed with more means than those around him, this taught him to be grateful for everything. Although his parents worked serious jobs he was brought up with an appreciation for poetry and music.

Growing up loe4t’s apartment was stacked with books and old jazz and blues vinyls. His dad played The Jimi Hendrix Experience for him When he was 6 and that motivated him to pick up guitar. His dad gave him a Sunburst Guild guitar built in the late 1960s when he was a kid, an heirloom he still plays to this day. He started learning Nirvana songs on the guitar and started pursuing music more seriously as a teenager, pirating Ableton to make beats for rapper friends in high school. Music wasn’t only an outlet for him; it was his main focus.What’s unique about loe4t is that he’s trained in Jazz guitar and music throes which allows him to sit in the pocket with a lot of different people and styles.

loe4t created his first beat in high school for his friends, but he released his first track as loe4t in 2019. He started to gain momentum as a guitarist for Queens artist Hadji Gaviota after which he joined the Goodstuff collective. loe4t, alongside his Goodstuff label mates sold out multiple shows at The Delancey. In the past few month loe4t has produced a set for Adam and Drezzdie that sold out The Well in Brooklyn.  He also produced a track called “Wasting Time” for another Goodstuff artist called Sukhleen which garnered over 100,000 steams. In addition he mastered “Penelope” by Dummyfresh. Before all this he played in Afropunk battle of the bands with Dyna Edyne. He also played guitar on tracks for Ninjoi. loe4t produced “Blue Skies” by Goodstuff artist Candace which accumulated over 10,000 streams. Other notable moments include breaking 150,000 streams on his first release which was unmixed and unmastered.

loe4t describes his sound as Hyperpop, lo-fi, boom bap, psychedelic cloud trap. He also says that although his music might sound chaotic and frenzied there is an overarching harmonic glue that holds everything together. loe4t describes his brand as absurdist, with the ability to find humor in the most elegant settings.

loe4t’s ultimate career goal is to release good records and expand his network to collaborate with more artists. As of 2021 loe4t began working with BeatStars x Sony Music Publishing.


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