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25 Father’s Day 2021 Gift Ideas You Can Order Online Today

Father’s Day 2021 is a little over a month away from this article’s publishing, so it is still not too late to do your share of gift shopping for this holiday. Below are timely 25 gift ideas — all immediately available for online-based ordering — of varying price points worth looking into for a loved one.

Catch Sitka Seafoods

Catch Sitka Seafoods is an Alaska-based, family-owned seafood company providing Alaskan wild-caught seafood to customers across the country. Per its website, founders Issam and Mindy Samman “take pride in providing the world’s most incredible fish, all wild caught by the local Sitka community of fisher families.” Each fish from Catch Sitka Seafoods is said to be individually-caught, immediately-iced, expertly-portioned, packaged and blast-frozen, thus locking in flavor and nutrition all at once. In turn, seafood from Catch Sitka is quality-oriented and something people can feel good about bukying.

Catch Sitka Seafoods’ Subscription Box makes for an ideal gift for a seafood-loving father, delivering tasty and sustainably-sourced seafood right to his door each month. If a monthly subscription isn’t ideal for you, one-off gift boxes are available, and current box options include the 3-Lb. and 5-Lb. Wild Alaskan Salmon, Halibut & Smoked Fish Gift Boxes and The Mighty King 11-Lb. Gift Box. Thus, there is something for everyone who likes excellent seafood, thanks to Catch Sitka Seafoods.

California Cowboy Apparel

California Cowboy is said to be rooted in the belief that you can your personal style as a secret weapon to meet new people. In turn, its website mentions the brand’s goal of sharing its “style weapons to make your social experience a better one.” Thus, California Cowboy is a “Trojan Horse into a conversation.”

Especially amazing is the brand’s Men’s High Water Tropic. Essentially a reinvention of the classic short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt, this offering not only features great prints, but also special pockets for your phone and frosty beverage. Absolute comfort and unbelievable functionality all at once. Simultaneously praised by yours truly, Vice, Men’s Journal and Daily Beast — and just in time for Father’s Day 2021, new customers are entitled to 15 percent off their first order when signing up for the California Cowboy mailing list via the brand’s website.

Rocky Mountain Collectibles

Know a father who likes anime and related collectibles? Rocky Mountain Collectibles is Denver’s foremost destination for fans of Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon and Funko Pop collectibles. And plenty of that can be ordered online via the official website of Rocky Mountain Collectibles.

On the goodwill end, Rocky Mountain Collectibles will be hosting a Case Tournament in celebration of Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Lightning Overdrive release on June 5, 2021 with 100 percent of the entry fee being donated to the Aoki Foundation. As part of the event, Rocky Mountain Collectibles will also donate 3 PSA 9 Starlight Rares, among other items as in-person and online raffle prizes, with 100 percent of the money raised being donated to the charity. To register for the tournament and in-person and online raffles, go to

Shorts from Keap Athletics

As founded in 2014, Keap Athletics was started out of necessity, per its website. Its founder Patrick “simply couldn’t trust athletic shorts pockets” when it came to holding his phone, wallet and/or keys. Regular shorts with regular pockets were what he “lived in” and not just when he was active or outdoors, as they were what he wore while running errands and relaxing at home for comfort’s sake.

Providing a solution to that earlier-mentioned problem, Keap’s durable, comfortable shorts feature specialized pockets, ensure that nothing ever falls out of them. They also feature lightweight material, making them ideal for summer weather. Keap is currently offering free 2-3 day shipping on all orders, making that last-minute Father’s Day gift ordering a little less stressful.

Ragproper Glass Flask

I had the pleasure of trying out the 100mL edition of the Ragproper Glass Flask — single-shot size — and it is absolutely impressive. This flask features a black silicone sleeve that is versatile, sleek and completely-removable. Plus, its easy pour window and food-grade silicone funnel make filling this flask easy. Looks great, works great.

Kong Beer Bong

The name is surely not the only cool thing about this product. Featuring double-insulated walls and an expandable hose, the Kong Beer Bong is a 2-in-1 drinking tool designed to keep your drinks cool and also put your chugging skills to the test. Fun and practical, this drink accessory is a true party-starter. Sure to keep an father young.

Omaha Steaks Dry Rub

Founder over 100 years ago in Nebraska, Omaha Steaks is a fine retailer of steaks, seafood and food-related gifts. Among those great food-related options are the brand’s Omaha Steaks Dry Rub. Its Private Reserve Rub is a mix of pepper and sea salt, as harmonized with unique notes of coriander, dill and caraway over a baseline of garlic, chili-pepper and onion, thus creating a unique blend. This one can be used for steaks, pork and poultry alike.


As a household that regularly has someone preparing food in our kitchen, our stove regularly needs cleaning. But that may be changing shortly since the StoveGuard came into our household. Custom-fit to our stove model, StoveGuard is a non-stick stove top protector that helps prevent burnt-on, greasy food messes from sticking to the top of one’s stove. It eliminates the need for using harsh chemicals and related scrubbing, and this item itself can be easily cleaned off in the sink or a dishwasher.


As the story goes, Chill-N-Reel was helmed by a vacationing firefighter. Reportedly the only drink insulator designed specifically for fishing, Chill-N-Reel is a hard-shell drink holder WITH a hand-line fishing reel permanently-attached. I personally may not be much of a fisherman, but I know plenty of Father’s Day gift-recipients who are just that.

Revtown Jeans

Launched in 2018, Revtown is a new denim brand delivering “Ridiculous Quality, & Unbelievable Fit for Half the Price.” The Brand’s signature fabric is Decade Denim, as constructed with a stretch yarn that provides all-over stretch and supreme comfort in a proper pair of jeans.

The Pittsburgh-based company recently announced a collaboration with Mizzen+Main. In turn, the 2 popular companies have teamed up to offer a special fashion crate that will feature Revton’s signature jeans along with select tops from Mizzen+Main. The crate, launched just in time for spring, will be available for a limited time through June 8, 2021. Pricing starts at $125.00 with Revtown’s Core jeans and Mizzen+Main top and goes up to $135.00 with the Tech or Lightweight jeans and top, and $175.00 with their top of the line Selvage jeans and top.

Fashionability aside, Revtown is known for its “digital tailor” sizing tool, which reportedly offers 96 percent accuracy.


Per the website of Ritter: “The Ritter man wants to have a meaningful impact on his industry without causing unnecessary harm to his environment.” In turn, you will find no “fast fashion” within the Ritter ranks. This apparel that is both well-constructed and timeless, while sustainable and produced in small batches.

Working with highly-skilled artisans and GOTS & WFTO-certified suppliers in Peru, Ritter also partners with 1% For The Planet, offering a portion of its proceeds to environmentally-friendly causes. New customers of the brand can get 15 percent off their first purchase with a mailing list sign-up via the brand’s website.


Helmm is known for making deodorant that is “pit-friendly” and “planet-friendly.” Helmm is reportedly the first premium antiperspirant and deodorant that is designed-specifically for you, the modern man. Crafted with equal parts form and function, elevated in quality, and distributed through a subscription-based business model for optimal convenience.

These offers come in a variety of formats, including starter kits, vessels, refill pods and gift sets. In the words of Forbes: “A truly luxurious and functional product, Helmm’s design and ethos are challenging the way an everyday product should be bought.” Very much agreed within the Paltrowitz household.

Ferragamo’s Intense Leather Eau de Parfum

Created in collaboration with senior perfumer Antoine Maisondieu and launched in February 2021, Ferragamo Intense Leather is a leathery, aromatic, salty creation with a deep contemporary twist. Playing with contrasting notes of radiance and seduction, its fresh soul of Mandarin intertwines with vivid pink peppercorn as the herbaceous magnetism of Clary Sage Absolute captures the senses. A pure feeling of intimate authenticity emerges from a rare heart fusing juicy accents of Annurca Apple Accord with the floral elegance of Lily of the Valley and Orris. Then, bright Musk and the mineral salty facet of Oakmoss spread even more distinction before relinquishing the scene to the Ferragamo Intense Leather Exclusive accord, which has also been featured within this Ferragamo blend, showcasing a unique signifier of the balance between artisanal flair and charismatic appeal. Now available for online ordering via Bloomingdale’s.

Compass Box Scotch Whiskymakers

Compass Box is a team of Scotch whiskymakers; the word “whiskymaker” is reportedly their word as it does not appear in a dictionary. For 20 years the brand has been relentlessly-focused on reinventing Scotch whisky, with every new blend designed to help make the world of whisky a more interesting place. They have not done it on their own and have collaborated with some of the world’s most visionary bartenders and designers to really push the boundaries of what is possible. In turn, Compass Box has reportedly won more awards for innovation than any other producer in Scotland.

Last month Compass Box Scotch Whiskymakers announce the evolution of 2 of its most popular expressions with the redesign of their award-winning blended Scotch whiskies, which now don the simplified names of Artist Blend and Glasgow Blend. Created by Compass Box founder and whiskymaker John Glaser, these 2 expressions reflect the preferred whisky styles of the people of Edinburgh and Glasgow, according to Aeneas MacDonald’s book Whisky, as first published by The Porpoise Press in 1930. Artist Blend (formerly Great King Street Artist’s Blend) offers the fruity and creamy flavor profile enjoyed by Edinburgh’s whisky lovers, while Glasgow Blend (formerly Great King Street Glasgow Blend) is rich and smoky, per the taste of Glasgow’s whisky drinkers. Believe the hype.

Pearl Street Lights

Pearl Street Lights believes in connecting its customers to real people working toward their goals of self-sufficiency while producing high-quality and enjoyable products available. Each and every candle is hand-signed by the individual who made it, so when you look at the signature on your candle, you can see the positive contribution you have in supporting someone who is active in the process of supporting themselves.

3 sizes (small, medium, large) are available for each hand-poured candle from Pearl Street Lights. All candles are made with an exclusive Illumaduo wick, which combines the relaxing crackle of a wooden wick with the strength and stability of a cotton wick. Ultimately, the wax cubes melt perfectly in your favorite wax warmer while the brand’s gift boxes make for an ideal and memorable offering appealing to all ages.

Let’s Mingle Cards

Tired of talking about the same things, over and over again? You are certainly not alone. All over the world, people are asking the same questions and receiving routine answers. Thanks to Let’s Mingle Cards, it is easy to spice up the conversation at your house or any setting.

These hand-picked conversation starters are designed to get people thinking outside the box and stimulate conversation. Perfect for a meaningful chat with friends or a fun game night with the family, getting the conversation started has never been easier. 6 different editions are currently on the market — Travel, Relationships, Kids, Family, School and Teens — and all available via the official Let’s Mingle website.


As “created by barbers, used by gentlemen,” Reuzel aims to bring the world’s finest pomades and men’s grooming essentials to the market. Its roots come from Schorem, a classic men-only barbershop in Rotterdam, which has long been frequented by greasers, rockers, bikers, psychobillys, ruffians and other cool-looking folks. And if you’re follically-challenged like I am, you still ought to enjoy Reuzel’s beard and shaving-related wares.

Just right for Father’s Day gift-giving is the Reuzel S***, Shower & Shave Kit, priced at $35 and ripe for one’s morning routine, Reuzel’s Daily Shampoo and Shave Cream will make sure he’s feeling fresh when he leaves the bathroom. And a candle with Reuzel’s traditional pomme fragrance will make sure the bathroom’s in good shape, as well — a gift for the whole family, if you think about it.

Kane Footwear

Kane is a new footwear brand that entered the fitness market with a category of recovery it calls “regenerative footwear.” Kane is taking a holistic approach from the outset, creating footwear that renews the body and planet. The Kane Revive is a stylish slip-on you will be happy to wear in public. Not just another “comfy” recovery shoe, it is a pre and post-workout slip-on designed to stimulate muscle recovery and thwart fatigue. Data driven input from Dr. Daniel Geller, a renowned Board Certified foot and ankle surgeon, as well as a veteran footwear designer from Crocs, Under Armour and Nike, help to inform Kane’s active recovery design.

The Kane Revive is reportedly the world’s first recovery slip-on to be manufactured using a biopolymer derived from renewably sourced Brazilian sugarcane, which is the same biobased material used in Allbirds shoes. The Kane Revive is comprised of over 75 percent eco-sustainable materials, including responsibly-sourced sugarcane, for a 100 percent recyclable shoe. The shoe hit shelves in February and has a suggested retail price of $60.00.

Dr. Motion Socks

Dr. Motion is reportedly the first brand to bring stylish compression socks to the market and has continued to expand its product lines to fulfill its mission to help customers step into wellness every day, with style. Each product from the Dr. Motion brand — an offshoot of Soxland — introduced has been thoroughly wear-tested, lab-tested, continuously-tweaked, and improved until the brand is confident every pair of socks purchased is going to be your new favorite sock.

No matter the season, Dr. Motion is here with wellness socks and tights that have medical benefits and will positively-enhance your lifestyle at the same time. In turn, thanks to Dr. Motion, you can have support and look stylish while you go about your day.

Half Time Beverage

The first Half Time Beverage store was opened in Poughkeepsie, New York in 2002 with a second store following in Mamaroneck, New York in 2013. Customers came from the surrounding states not only because of the selection of craft beers and cider, but also because of the stores’ exceptional staff. Each staff member participates in the brand’s extensive training program, as well as private brewery tastings and industry seminars. In turn, Half Time Beverage employees know beer and can tell you which beer you will enjoy most.

The website for Half Time Beverage has gift boxes and beer and cider clubs available for ordering, beyond specialty beers and virtual events. In turn, there is something on the beer spectrum for everyone thanks to Half Time Beverage, which ships to dozens of states.

Grateful Dead Bobbleheads

Based within my hometurf of Long Island, New York, Kollectico is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of collectible bobbleheads. Its bobbleheads are 100 percent hand-sculpted and hand-painted for the highest quality. Among the brands which Kollectico has active licenses with are The Grateful Dead, Authentic Hendrix — which oversees the estate of Jimi Hendrix — and the National Hockey League.

With regard to its Jimi Hendrix offerings, tise officially-licensed collection launched with 4” Jimi Hendrix Bobble Buddy Bobbleheads and a Limited Edition 8” Jimi Hendrix bobblehead. Only 1,969 pcs of the 8” design were made, each individually-numbered. Said Kollectico founder and CEO Andrew S. Hazen in a prepared statement: “We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. Jimi Hendrix has always been a huge source of inspiration for me these past 40 something years. With such extraordinary imagery in his portfolio, this is an opportunity for us to use our creativity to honor Jimi Hendrix with exceptional Limited Edition collectibles for Hendrix fans around the globe.”

Geek Out! Family Edition

Geek Out! Family Edition — from Playroom Entertainment — is a brand new game that takes on a new twist from the award-winning geek trivia party game Geek Out! The playing field is leveled with topics the whole family geeks out over. This edition uses the same bidding mechanic made popular in the original Geek Out!, but also includes a game board and features topics in categories like Science, Music, History and Pop Culture.

To play this game, players roll the die to determine the question, shout out a number of how many answers they can provide and each player has a chance to outbid each other for the answers they can give. As long as you have 2 players, the game will work out fine. Now available via Amazon and the UltraPro site for the suggested retail price of $20.00.


Founded in 2013 in Atlanta, PeachSkinSheets are dedicated to going the extra mile for their customers with the essential bedding that does more at an affordable price. Made from a breathable, high-performance athletic-grade SMART fabric, they make for a top choice for hot sleepers due to their thermal control and moisture-wicking properties. The brand prides itself on being “The Original, One and Only Authentic Brand,” and its signature peach zipper pull is featured on every sheet package.

Furthermore, the ultra soft brushed finish of the sheets provides a softness level that parallels 1500-thread-count cotton but without the shrinkage, wrinkles and pilling. You can find these products online and at local pop up-events in Georgia and surrounding states. I have had the pleasure of trying out PeachSkinSheets here in New York, and so far so great.

Fire Dept. Coffee

For better and for worse, I drink a lot of coffee, and I do that just about every day. But sometimes it becomes challenging to find a brand of coffee that you can love the taste of and also get behind from a philosophical viewpoint. Fire Department Coffee — as founded in Rockford, Illinois — is both run and made by firefighters. The brand not only donates a substantial amount of its profits to firefighter-related causes, yet it also provides free coffee to a lot of firehouses. The growing brand has spirit-infused coffees and is Stipe Miocic-approved; Miocic is the namesake of Fire Dept’s Stipe Miocic Extra Strength Coffee.

My current favorite offering from Fire Department Coffee is the brand’s Bourbon Infused Coffee. Its bourbon infused coffee beans are bold and smooth, going down easy just like your favorite bottle of bourbon. But for those folks who like to regularly change up their coffee game, Fire Department Coffee has a fun, subscription-based Coffee Of The Month Club. This growing company — which I had the pleasure of visiting on-site in Rockford, Illinois in 2019 — also runs the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation.

Every Man Jack

Founder Ritch Viola started Every Man Jack in his San Francisco garage over a decade ago. Back in 2007, men’s grooming products were either too expensive or formulated with harmful chemicals–that’s when he knew there had to be a better way. After collaborating with manufacturers that specialized in formulating products with clean ingredients, Every Man Jack was born.

With much success from partnering with well-known retailers like Target, Whole Foods, CVS and Walmart, the team’s life changed for the better. From packing up orders in the garage day and night, Viola’s children even jumped in loading up shipments on the weekends, to help out the family business. The brand is currently offering free shipping on all $50.00+ orders from its website.

Frederick Benjamin

Michael James, founder of Frederick Benjamin, wanted to empower black men in the grooming department. Inspired by his grandfather — The Original Frederick Benjamin — James crafted a regimen of products to ensure every man had the opportunity to sculpt his best self, no matter his style. Known for its best-selling regimens, Frederick Benjamin curates their products to fulfill all your shaving and hair care needs.

These days new customers can get 15 percent off their next order from the brand’s website by agreeing to receive text messages from Frederick Benjamin. Those looking to buy Frederick Benjamin in-person at Ulta Beauty stores.

Cream’s Goodbye Tour – Live At The Forum 1968 LP

Last month UMe/Polydor released the limited-edition, blue, 2LP release of Cream’s show Live At The Forum, as recorded at the Los Angeles Forum during the band’s Goodbye Tour of 1968. Taken from the 2020 full version of the 4-CD set of the that 1968 tour and produced by Bill Levenson, this sumptuous 2LP set is the first authorized release of the full concert on vinyl. It captures Cream at its virtuosic best, at the end but also at the height of their career.

With Cream — as comprised of Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton — setting the template for not only the “supergroup” but also the “power trio,” Cream made an unprecedented impact in just 2 years as a band. As said by Clapton in a prepared statement: “Cream was a shambling circus of diverse personalities who happened to find that catalyst together… any one of us could have played unaccompanied for a good length of time. So you put the three of us together in front of an audience willing to dig it limitlessly, we could have gone on forever… And we did… just going for the moon every time we played.”

If you have never heard this top-notch live recording, rest assured that the set’s 10 tracks include the biggest hits of Cream alongside some very inspired, long-form jamming.

Carvel’s Ice Cream Cakes

For families looking to add more “sweet” touches to their meals without a ton of prep, I Love Ice Cream Cakes has the country’s largest variety of ice cream cakes, sure to bring more smiles to every occasion. As found in major grocery stores, there ought to be some great Carvel-related offerings in a supermarket near you, no matter the season or holiday coming up. This may include the Carvel Snowman Ice Cream Cake (if “Frosty” had a favorite dessert, it may be this one), the Carvel Turkey Ice Cream Cake (if you mess up the turkey, you ought to be thankful you have this guy as a backup), and the Carvel Gameball Ice Cream Cake (the football stadiums might not be full.

The latest and greatest from Carvel is the Carvel Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake, as filled with real chocolate chip cookie dough pieces. The pieces are blended with delicious Carvel vanilla and chocolate ice cream, as separated by a layer of those famous Carvel chocolate crunchies fans crave. The ice cream cake is topped with whipped icing, a border of chocolate chips and cookie dough pieces and finished with a circular-design chocolate drizzle. The cake serves 6 and has a suggested retail price of $14.99.

Jamba Gift Cards

A month or so back I wrote about Jamba’s Electric Berry Lemonade smoothie for The Hype. A few months before that, I covered Jamba’s limited-time Pumpkin Smash Smoothie. As Jamba is regularly turning out great new drinks, your best bet for a juice-lover in your life is picking up a Jamba gift cards. Jamba gift cards are currently redeemable at participating locations in the U.S. and can be ordered online from the comfort of your own home, while many Jamba locations are regularly offering delivery on web-orders.

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