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Published on May 13th, 2021 | by Al Geiner


Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters  

It’s hard to imagine a collaborative effort having much success in our pandemic stricken lives, yet here is  a fresh EDM sound from the collaborative minds behind Head Fake and Dub Fu Masters. Head Fake vs.  Dub Fu Masters is a three song EP originally composed by the Head Fake trio drawing on their reflections  of the current clime surrounding the planet. Opening track; One Step is a club version of Head Fake’s first  recorded track, a nostalgic melodic beat with the main hook repeating throughout. The underlying funk  changes up with tempo fluctuations yet maintains the drive and intensity throughout. Trump Funk is a  “song encompassing the chaos of the past four years”, and one may expect a tumultuous confusion of  musical ideas, yet this track remains coherent and complete. A building capitulation leading to the  eventual lyrics; “Get Trump, Get the Trump, Get the Trump out of your funk”. The melody lines are  revolving around a central theme repeating with no real resolution, which plays with the listener’s  anticipation and drives the momentum of the track forward. Overjoyed, the shortest track on this EP, is  more complex than the other two tracks as it introduces more instrumentation and effects. The addition  of lyrics on this track lend it a more contemporary new wave / post-punk sound. Pay special attention to the skilled use of reverb  and delay on the vocals, as the modest amount added is peppered on for taste  while not saturating the track with overuse.  

Overall, this three-song EP offers the listener a steady beat  rekindle the club flame. The sampled beats are crisp, and  well-mixed  allowing plenty of headroom at high volumes to sound clear and
distortion-free. A mature,  and competent offering by two artists   pushing the possibilities of collaboration in a lockdown. The musical    ideas presented are well matched to the chosen beats which proves Head
Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters should  be at the top of any DJ’s playlist when the clubs reopen. Are there future projects between these two?  This reviewer sure hopes so.

Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan 

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